Bell bottoms

I feel that a lot of the media in Iceland (both the blogs and any other writing articles) copy or get their material off other foreign sites. And also that they talk each other into saying something is the next big thing. The fifth of february Elísabet Gunnars, who is a popular trend blogger in Iceland, posted a blog about that bellbottoms (útvítt) were back. Not long after they publish an article on (one of the larger media in Iceland) that they had a comeback. When looking at it I feel like one person says something and then the media pics it up to be in with the ones that are hip (for lack of a better word). The media is kind of in the world of fashion but at the same time it is not. It is a judger and a joker.



2 thoughts on “Bell bottoms

  1. I noticed this too. What I thought was interesting in some the posts and articles about the bellbottoms, especially in Elísabet’s post, was the need to buy some bellbottomed pants as soon as possible. It felt like if she needed to show everybody that she knew what is up in the fashion world and that she was part of that world.

  2. Are we all just trying to keep up with the “cool kids?” I wonder if any bloggers or media outlets have enough power to effectively suggest a ludicrous trend (a la Emperors New Clothes?)

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