Blogging Guidelines

As stated in the syllabus: Blogs will be graded on clarity, relevance and quality of referenced material. They must be on time and will be marked down by 10% for each day late for up to five days, after which the grade becomes zero. Blog posts are due by the start of class on Tuesday for the week they are assigned. Pay attention to due dates and be aware of which group you are in.

Carefully read the prompt – what is it asking for? Do you need images? Do you need to relate the prompt to an author? Do you need to provide links? To receive full credit you must address all parts of the prompt.

Posts should generally be a paragraph or two; a thoughtful discussion of the prompt. Avoid only summarizing material, add your thoughts (I think… I feel… I agree because… I disagree because…This made me think about…).

It is always important to edit. Run spell check, re-read what you wrote, and make sure what you wrote makes sense.  This is all part of “clarity”

Tagging your posts is encouraged; it makes it easier to find old posts for review while studying for tests.

Do not forget to comment. Comments are due by the start of class on the Thursday after your blog post is due. Comments should be thoughtful and add to the discussion. They may be a statement, an opinion, or a question. They don’t need to be long, and they may be in response to another comment in a thread.

Here are a couple of good blogs from last semester, go check them out!

Fashion in Media – Global Village

Fashion in Media – Instagram


As always, I am available to answer any other questions you may have!