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Save for exceptions like Gucci, Fendi, Damir Doma and Giorgio Armani, most of the labels showing at Milan men’s fashion week ditched creation for product design.

Source: Creation, or Just More Product? | Fashion Show Review, Multiple, Menswear – Spring 2017 | BoF


Did Moschino Dilute McDonald’s Trademark?

Did Moschino Dilute McDonald’s Trademark?

This article seemed to be very interesting to me. Jeremy Scott’s runway collection for Moschino showed brand iconology and ode to several American companies, one being McDonalds. The only problem is, was this violating McDonalds trademark? Some of the brands referenced in the show were Cheetos, Hershey’s, Fruit Loops, Spongebob Squarepants, Run DMC, and McDonald’s. “In the collection, it appears as though McDonald’s trademark Golden Arches have been deftly curved into a heart-shaped motif. Arguably, this motif is Scott’s interpretation of Moschino’s classic love heart, which has appeared in the brand’s designs for years. In Look 4, McDonald’s trademark Happy Meal Box is converted into an animate handbag with cartoon eyes and a protruding tongue.”

This article is interesting to me because it seems like food companies can have a big influence on designers, especially knowing that the companies will be recognized by the buyers, and that can generate a big profit for the companies. For example, a backpack that has the golden arches displayed is already sold out. The heart shape motif was represented through out the show, meaning that it was not completely intended for the motif to look entirely like McDonalds golden arches. “On the other hand, McDonald’s could argue that Moschino uses the heart-shaped motif in fashion designs to draw an unflattering comparison between fast food and fast fashion.”