Zeitgeist Analysis Group B

The zeitgeist map was something that I’ve never seen before.  It really got me thinking more deeply about all the different factors that play into fashion.  The main topic that come up on everybody’s maps were the influencers in our fashion world.  Fashion influencers a lot of times now are celebrities.  The celebrities of our time are also models and role models, people we look up to in terms of clothing, body type, personality, etc.  The one person I immediately think of when I think of influencers is Kendall Jenner.  After thinking about Kendall Jenner then my mind goes off and I think about the whole Kardashian clan.  Not only is Kendall a huge fashion influence but so is her whole family.  They are all watched very closely to see what they will do next, and we wait on them for the next trend.




Zeitgeist Analysis Group #2

When discussing the zeitgeist worksheet in class, it made me think a little more about what contributes to the fashion world. After filling out my map and listening to my classmates answers I was surprised to see how similar they were. All of our answers revolved around social media and celebrities. I started to realize how much of an impact those aspects really have on what I ware. For the past few years now I follow a blog called weworewhat. This blog is written by Danielle Bernstien a young Manhattan girl who basically sets trends off of celebrities clothes. Danielle has over 1 million followers and uses celebrities such as the Kardashians to get trends out. When we discussed fashion leaders I automatically thought of Danielle’s blog and how she reaches views using the answers I filled out of my map. I found the Zeitgeist map to be extremely eye opening. screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-46-50-am

Zeitgeist Map

This class activity of the Zeitgeist Map really got my thoughts flowing and inspirations sparked. It is very obvious that in, “our time, the Kardashians have affected our world of fashion, whether we like it or not. I think that can also be supported through majority of the classes posts include pictures of them. But, for my post I think we have heard enough about the Kardashian’s for one blog. Although I will add that their family is a master at marketing their family brand. What really stood out to myself, and made me cringe, was the idea that in our generations time we really do not have a Madonna or Chanel of the era to look up to. All of these celebrities we look up to are very different, and in my opinion are not true fashion leaders, especially when compared to past generations fashion leaders.This got me thinking…where is our future of fashion going? What will fashion be like in the years to come without a a true fashion icon to look up to? Aside from the fact that I do not see an extraordinary fashion leader, or rhyme and reason to the way our fashion industry and consumers work. I do believe certain celebrities are able to market their own style and in this way can be considered innovators of our time. For instance, Kanye West’s new line Yeezy. Although Kanye is not the most liked after his outburst at the VMAS, in my opinion, theres no denying he isn’t afraid to say whats on his mind and what he supports and it still sells. Kanye’s Yeezy line has been a huge success in my eyes and I know friends of my own living in NYC who live off of fashion that adore his line. Also, after he made his Yeezy sneaker Taylor Swift was seen wearing them, despite their lack of understanding for one another. Over the summer I worked at a shoe store and we were selling a knock off Yeezy look alike sneaker and it flew off the shelves. Although I am not the biggest fan of “our times” fashion innovators and leaders, theres no denying their success.


Above is Yeezy sneaker


Above is Yeezy menswear yeezy22

Above the famous couple; Kanye and Kim


-Kelley McSparren-





Zeitgeist Analysis – Group #2

The zeitgeist concept that we have been discussing in class recently has really motivated me to think a little more critically about what contributes to the fashion world of “our time.” I never really thought as in-depth about how much celebrities become fashion icons or “fashion leaders” to us. Of course we are all influenced by our peers on a day-to-day basis and replicate trends based on whether or not we like what someone else is wearing, but there’s more of a praise for the celebrities and their particular fashion choices. We have the ability to “follow”our favorite celebrities on social media, where a lot of them like to post about their own personal style. Many celebrities now are posting pictures of their outfits each day and offering options to the followers that allow them to “find the look for less.” I immediately thought of this when we first started talking about “fashion leaders” and how the majority of us like certain styles that other people have brought to the table; therefore we decide to go out and get it ourselves.

olivia culpo.PNGolivia culpo2.PNG

Someone that I consider a “fashion leader” would be former Miss Universe 2012 and Rhode Islander, Olivia Culpo. Ever since winning the pageant she has remained in touch with the fashion world and has continued to model her impeccable taste on social media. When we were talking about this specifically in class, it made me realize that I actually try to replicate a lot of the trends that she has set. On her Instagram feed she posts a pleathora of pictures of her outfits where she actually finds very similar pieces so that her followers can replicate her outfit for less money. It definitely made me think about how quickly ideas are spread via social media in our time and we are more often than not replicating trends rather than making our own.

Zeitgeist Analysis group B

My first reaction to the Zeitgeist worksheet was how is this going to make me have a better understanding of what we are talking about in class. After going over the zeitgeist worksheet in class I had a better understanding of how “our time” plays a big part in filling out the worksheet. What stood out to me the most was how the entire  class all agreed that the Kardashian family within “our time” are the fashion leaders throughout the world. Majority of the class also agreed on Kendall Jenner being one of the most infulencial models around the world. Kendall Jenner was on the cover of Americas issue of vogue for September. She also was the cover of vogue for Japan, Australia, Germany and Spain October issue. Attached is pictures of all the vogue covers.

Another thing on the zeitgeist worksheet that stood out to me was how we all agreed social media plays a big part in “our time”. With the evolution of technology fashion companies have been using it to there advantage. Instagram is a big way to freely advertise for your company. There are also people who are considered Insta famous that get paid to advertise for clothing stores by uploading a picture wearing the garment and making a caption that tells you how much the love it and were you can buy it. This attachment below is someone who got famous by blogging and you tubing. Carli Babel is the instagram screenshot I used to demonstrate how “our time” using media to there advantages.





Blog Assignment 1 – Group #2

I think one of the most interesting things that I was able to notice from completing the zeitgeist worksheet was being able to see the similarities and differences between the class. From seeing this in class, you are able to go into the real world to confirm it. For example, I think it was easy to see that the Kardashian empire was on every person’s worksheet in some form, they are probably the biggest fashion influencers in the world. They have started so many trends within the last month, transparent booties are the perfect example of that. One of the other similarities that I think we saw on a lot of worksheets was social media as a technology piece. Social media is everywhere is this world, and at the same time it is a huge communication channel within the fashion world. Major designers, magazines, and style inspirations from Instagram are shown to the general public.

Zeitgeist Analysis

The Zeitgeist charts shows the significants of events, people and other factors that have an  influence in our lives. This may happen with or without even knowing that it is going on because it has become the “norm”.  For instance when we go shopping the things we end up buying most often reflect who we look up to for guidance, who we consider to be a fashion leader and what is popular when we talk about styles/trends/fabric/colors.

Heres an example of what is currently in trend; more neutral tones, simple but sleek and sexy look. Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 9.43.46 AM.png

Majority of females in”our time” would agree with me about that but agreeing where we get our influence from to say that this is “in” style or fashionable maybe different. This is all based on preference and it changes from person to person. But looking at the Zeitgeist chart it is clear to me that this family is a huge influence on many lives. As much as i hate to agree but it is true.

This image alone embodies what most inspire to dress like and even what stores like H&M and Forever21 (where a majority of people shop) try to imitate. The Kardashians names came up alot in our class discussion so this is a pretty common notion.

The Zeitgeist chart I have realized that there is a lack of originality in “our time” because we are constantly being influenced by others. This made me think deeper into my decisions and even why I wear what I do. And honestly I can say my choices are inspired by others but with my own personal flare.





Blog Assignment #1 – Group 2

After completing the Zeitgeist worksheet and sharing our ideas in class, I have realized the meaning behind who could be considered an influencer/made influences that kept society to believe that what they are doing is “approved”. Before this assignment, I have never thought deep about who could be an influencer, innovator, and/or who could or wouldn’t be considered a fashion leader but after having a thorough discussion and sharing ideas with my group, we all agreed that many “trending” celebrities nowadays fall under a majority of the categories on the Zeitgeist worksheet, like Kim Kardashian.


Blog Assignment #1- Group 2- Zeitgeist II

pasted_image_at_2016_03_29_01_31_pm  An iPhone app, PS DEPT. (short for Personal Shopper Department) accommodates the overscheduled by offering access to the go-to associates at stores all around the city.  The app allows these top employees to simply message their desires to a variety of stores where the team will search their inventory and then share photo albums of the pieces that turned up for you. This foreshadows more use of apps and online devices for shopping convenience. Danielle M.

One of the strongest ideas on the Zeitgeist Worksheet was the idea that an influencer of “our time” is the smartphone and Internet. It’s easy to see how this technology has transformed the fashion world into a more accessible and readily available world for all. Many fashion designers have accepted the new role of connectedness to the public and have developed ways to stay relevant and “available” at all times.

Image result for zac posen runway       Image result for zac posen instagram

For example, Zac Posen is no longer content to just be a fashion designer. He is constantly available to the masses through judging TV show, Project Runway, and through sharing personal photos on Instagram in addition to his regular fashion designer duties! But this culture that we are in demands this type of exposure lest we forget about a person and they become irrelevant. This is why I believe that the dominating fashion idea of our time is accessibility. The more and more fashion has become accessible, the more the public has demanded it and it becomes a vicious circle. But the accessibility that may become intrusive for celebrities and public figures, has opened up the industry to inputs from everyday people who are able to watch a runway show or view a collection and instantly share their reaction. Some such everyday people providing their viewpoints are becoming famous in their own right as bloggers and style leaders. Not only do the designers receive additional sources of input, but everyday people can feel empowered to become critic as well as consumer.

Blog Assignment #1: Initial Zeitgeist thoughts and hypothesis

When I first saw the Zeitgeist analysis I was totally lost, I had no idea what to think other than I was not looking forward to filling it out. After sitting through class I felt a lot better, I really thought I had a grasp of how to fill out the Zeitgeist analysis but as soon as I got home and went to fill it out, I was totally lost again. I have no idea what I will find but I hope that I will uncover a new way to look at fashion and the world we live in today. I see dangers, problems, and exciting avenues of thought in every part of the Zeitgeist analysis, it is so new to me, so it is both annoying to try to figure out and exciting to be able to learn about. The most obvious thing I have noticed is the effect that technology has had on us, you could fill in most of the boxes in the analysis with some aspect of technology. I’m beginning to discover how difficult the Zeitgeist analysis really is and I am most excited about figuring out how to actually utilize the analysis without giving myself a headache.