The most significant time in my life that I felt uncanniness was during a recent interview. It was for an internship, that was going to give me credit towards my public relations minor. The company focused on event planning; things like weddings, galas, sweet sixteens’s, etc. I was in contact with the owner back and forth, for a month prior. She did not specify what the dress code was for the interview so naturally I dress business casual. Wearing a color blocked vince dress, with a black blazer and heels I walk into the not so safe looking warehouse for the interview. I walk in and am greeted by a mountain of clutter and 3 employee’s working on different crafts / tasks. The boss was wearing ripped jeans that looked 2 sizes too small and a black t shirt that left little to the imagination. I should’ve seen the red flags but I continued to follow through with the interview. I would never have expected to be interviewed by someone dressed like she was. I felt more professional and prepared than she was, even beyond the appearance factor. It was slightly uncomfortable but it gave me a clear idea of what it would be like to be apart of her event planning team. I thanked her for the opportunity but took my interest and time to a place that I would benefit from.


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