Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue cover sells 500,000 copies

OK. So it worked. Points to Anna Wintour, I guess…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue cover sells 500,000 copies | Mail Online.


Nicki Minaj’s Styling Team on the Star’s New Toned-Down, Fashion Heavy Look

When I was reading this interview, it kind of gave me a weird feeling in my stomach.  Maybe because it is, oh I don’t know, Nicki Minaj actually putting focus on the name she is wearing!?  It is true that her overall appearance has been quite a stretch from other artists out there, especially for being a girl rapper.  The focus has primarily been on her makeup, hair, and costume creations.  Now, she is toning down her appearance all together, and putting emphasis on high fashion.  Could this be seen as a threat to these brands?  Those who are a fan of Nicki Minaj, know her and have grown to love her because of her spunk.  The emphasis that is going to be brought to her outfits now may not fit her image, and can cause trouble for her and brands she is wearing.  After all, she is a rapper.  I guess there could be two sides to the story.  

Making Tech More Wearable

This article most definitely sums up this semester of TMD 424 in a nutshell.  Designers, with the help of analysts and forecasters, predict the future of fashion day after day and have been correct up to this point.  The envisioned future of technology and design come hand in hand, even if to some, it may not seem like the best idea.  Lately, Apple has formed great interest in creating technology to place in designed clothing.  If this is an idea eager to be successful, “Apple has to stop thinking like a computer company and more like a fashion accessory maker, whose stock in trade is not just great design but aspirational experience.”  Consumers would be interested in having technology connected to what they wear everyday because it is a way to stay in constant connection with the world, although, this will come at the price of being fashionable at the same time.  With Burberry of an example of a luxury brand with an abundant number of knockoffs, the same concern raises for technological advancements in clothing.  Does this mean each innovation has to be too unique for its’ own good?  

V&A to Bring “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Exhibition to London

This article announces how an exhibit so close to home in New York, The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit, is going to open in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in March 2015.  That is quite the honor considering the fact that at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this was the most popular fashion exhibit in history!  Also, McQueen was born and raised in London and spent his whole life there until his tragic death in 2010, beginning with his first designs and ending with his last.  An exhibit such as is really a way to feel connected to a designer and embrace all that they have done (dead or alive).  Hopefully this exhibit will last and be just as good or better than the one shown in New York!  

Neiman Marcus Scales Back in China

In WWD, there was an alluring article about how the Neiman Marcus Group is cutting back on its’ physical operations in China because of a broader slowdown in the country for luxury goods.  Since the Chinese website has not been substantial with profit from these luxury goods, the Chinese warehouse is being closed down, and the U.S. is picking up sales through the website.  I was surprised to see that the Chinese warehouse closed down because of the Neiman business model rather than the Chinese economy.  Neiman is trying to demonstrate international growth as its’ owners prepare to take the department store chain public or sell it.  Even a store with a wealthy consumer base all over, reaches its’ downfalls before its’ peaks.  

Chanel bringing new trends Spring 2014


While many may believe it is best for Chanel to continue with the same colors and textures that they have been so successful with in the past, Karl Lagerfeld has some different thoughts.. Rainbow inspired 80’s themes are becoming more and more popular, Lagerfeld believes this may be a smart move to make for Chanel’s spring 2014 collection. His Spring 2014 collection has plenty of color in accessories, especially handbags. It won’t be long until we see if this was a smart move for Chanel or not.

Another Discussion of the Implications of Fast Fashion


” ‘Consumers have become adept at ‘[divorcing] the clothes we buy from the fact that living, breathing people make them,’ meaning the key to change lies in ‘reconnection and recognition that the supply chain is comprised of real people,’ ” 

I think this relates both to the fast fashion discussion, as well as trend forecasting. With raised awareness will come a need for new methods. The younger generation is becoming increasingly concerned with these issues, and old means of production might not cut it anymore.

With Luxury Brands, Outlet Centers Give Malls a Run for Their Money,0,1790227.story#axzz30BFwXhjw

This article, shown on the Business of Fashion site, would sure grab the attention of shopaholics that admire big name designers. Haute Couture brands are starting to enter the retail outlet shopping centers and are competing with full-price shopping centers. This idea would have not been seen to take effect two years ago; it is amazing how these changes come about so quickly. It is a really thoughtful and smart strategy when upscale brands have thought about moving their sale-priced merchandise out of full-priced stores. This helps bring in a new consumer base; those who will buy the products now at cheaper prices despite what season it is (something the have always been waiting for!) and keep those who can afford the actual prices, on their toes for new product coming into the full-priced line store.

Cotton Programs Get Green Thumb

Cotton Programs Get Green Thumb

This article is from Women’s Wear Daily, and explains how cotton and sustainability is becoming a big picture in the fashion industry today. “The Cotton Leads program, launched in October, is growing as a key global supply chain program committed to responsibly produced cotton. The program emphasizes national capabilities of the cotton industries in Australia and the U.S., along with their commitment to continual improvement, research and best practices. Combined cotton production in these countries accounts for about 17 percent of global output of the plant. The Cotton Leads program continues to gain interest among textile and apparel companies committed to responsible sourcing.”The founding members of Cotton Leads program, including Cotton Australia, the National Cotton Council, Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated, are gratified that so many businesses around the world recognize the ongoing environmental gains made by cotton growers in Australia and the United States,” said Mark Messura, senior vice president of global supply chain marketing at Cotton Inc.”

More then 100 retailers and Brands have joined the Cotton Leads Program, stressing the importance of cotton grown in the United States and Australia. So many retailers are wanting their companies to follow sustainability and have “green” clothing like cotton. Then, their customers can find out where the cotton that their clothing is made out of, is from. People would love to know how their clothing is made, especially if they find out that the Cotton was from their own country.