The new realities of VR and retail 

™”In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.”

~Guy Debord. The Society of The Spectacle §1. 1970 (1967)

“Virtual reality has long occupied only gaming and science fiction realms. But now that the technology is available, is it a fit for retail?” 

Source: The new realities of VR and retail | Retail Dive

A disturbing image of Mark Zuckerberg and our virtual reality future | News |

And there it is… The McLuhan “flip” at the break point. What if we move from social media taking us outward, extending our bodies into time and space to VR bringing us inward into the virtual world where our bodies and external appearance don’t matter? What happens to fashion in a fully VR world?

Remember this image. It gives us a hint of the potential future of virtual reality. And in it, only Mark Zuckerberg is seen smiling.”

Source: A disturbing image of Mark Zuckerberg and our virtual reality future | News |

More here: This photo of Mark Zuckerberg looks bizarre now. It won’t look so bizarre in a few years.

Why Stage Fashion Shows? 

Here´s an interesting contribution to the “death of fashion” discussion. Could it be that the catwalk show is now becoming redundant? That would indeed signal the end of an era, wouldn’t it? I think we should keep a close watch on this…

Increasingly faced with a choice, designers have been embracing — or rejecting — the changing role of fashion shows.

Source: Why Stage Fashion Shows? | Week in Review | BoF

Behind the curve, the closed world of haute couture calls in the geeks 

Wish I had read this before class today… Quote of the day:

“But things are changing, and some industry insiders are now predicting the demise of this exhausting and indulgent showcase of designer theatrics as its relevance in an era of fashion democracy, instant gratification and tech innovation is questioned. The fashion formula has, frankly, become tired, and the industry is starting to lag behind others in its lack of creative vision”

Says the Guardian: The haute couture industry has shunned technology for years. But the defection of Apple Music’s boss to a major luxury house suggests things are changing fast

Here’s the article: Behind the curve, the closed world of haute couture calls in the geeks | Fashion | The Guardian

Is Another Fashion Week the Answer?

Just bumped into an editorial from last month on BoF. Link: Week in Review | Is Another Fashion Week the Answer? – The Business of Fashion.

This has been an increasingly apparent problem in the fashion business for a number of years now. I think adding more fashion weeks, especially to New York, seems more like desperation than innovation. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this.
But as the writer wonders: What else to do? This might be worth a terms-worth of discussion, but worlds change and structures change and sooner or later the former elite has to let go…