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My name is Andrea Mason and I am a first semester senior at URI with a double major in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design and Philosophy.

Earlier in school, I was mainly interested in the aesthetic and creative process of fashion design.  Putting outfits together was fun and came easily to me, and I was excited to learn how to design my own.

As time went on, I became increasingly interested in the dress of other people, and what this told me about who they were creatively and individually.  That’s when I took up a second major in philosophy.

Nowadays, I’m still interested in the dress of people, but I am even more so in what dress and fashion truly are to those people, and society and cultures at large; that’s why I am excited to take this class, as it definitely addresses those questions!



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Here are a couple of good blogs from last semester, go check them out!

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As always, I am available to answer any other questions you may have!

Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry

Here’s an interesting view into the “Western”/”Non-western” discussion opened up by our reading of Sandra Niessen and will be good for our sub-theme of “fashion worlds” this term. It’s worth considering how the cultural aspect of “tradition” and “custom” colors our view of society’s that are foreign to us. Think about a custom or tradition that you adhere to that might seem completely “foreign” to someone from elsewhere. (What might that be?)

Muslim fashion designers reflect on a rapidly growing industry.

Source: Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry – Al Jazeera English

Grace Coddington: the woman who made fashion art | Fashion | The Guardian

The end of an era? That means the beginning of a new one – except in this industry…

Over 30 years she created some of US Vogue’s most exciting and influential photo spreads, but now Grace Coddington has stepped aside. Is this a turning point for the industry?

Source: Grace Coddington: the woman who made fashion art | Fashion | The Guardian

BoF: Grace Coddington to Step Down as Creative Director of American Vogue 

Yet another sign of the growing irrelevance of Vogue?

BoF can exclusively reveal that the legendary stylist, who will assume the new role of creative director at large, is poised to take on a growing number of external projects alongside her styling duties at the magazine.

Source: BoF Exclusive | Grace Coddington to Step Down as Creative Director of American Vogue | Breaking News, News & Analysis | BoF