2014’s Noteworthy Dressers

And we may wonder: Why them? What is new here? What is not?

2014’s Noteworthy Dressers – Slide Show – NYTimes.com.


Zara Follows Shoppers Into Bedroom With Home Store Format

The “everything for everyone” model, yet again. More and more, I believe this is something we need to start looking at.  Where did this start? Uniqlo models after Apple, but Ralph Lauren was doing this kind of thing long ago…. (Maybe I’m confusing two business models?)

Zara Follows Shoppers Into Bedroom With Home Store Format – Businessweek.

New York Fashion Week to Leave Lincoln Center

My first reaction: I don’t think this is going to make a blind bit of difference to anything. Fashion Week was over years ago. If anything, this will perhaps prompt a re-invigoration of the phenomenon. If they just move the circus….. Meh.

My second reaction: It confirms what we have known for a while, but it may also be the beginning of a domino effect. If New York Fashion Week falls apart, then London won’t be far behind, and then what?

New York Fashion Week to Leave Lincoln Center – The Business of Fashion.

Julia Roberts is the New Face of Givenchy

In 2005 Riccardo Tisci was appointed as the newest designer for Givenchy. Since than the talented designer has produced numerous collections that combine components of simplicity, elegance, gothic chic, sexuality, and romanticism in his years of working for the label. Though he has incorporated his own unique twists, Riccardo maintains the classic Givenchy image by using neutral and darker colors such as black, to highlight the sophistication that remains in the name Givenchy. Tisci collections are highly stylized in terms of architecture and space, and are inspired by his fascination of playing with opposing forces. As a result of the designers specific technique and unique style, Tisci is very selective as to who he wants representing the Givenchy Brand. In previous years celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Erykah Badu, Isabelle Huppert, and Kendall Jenner have been some of faces associated with the label. However, it was recently announced that Tisci has outdone himself as to who he has in mind next. According to Fashonista.com, Julia Roberts is said to be the newest Celebrity Icon for the Spring 2015 Givenchy campaign. The campaign which Roberts will be the face of, is said to “evoke the strength and modernity of the Givenchy woman.” Roberts who is not only a successful actress, but also a mother of three is said to be the perfect candidate as the face of Givenchy because she resembles the “perfect interpretation of the Givenchy timeless beauty.


Athleisure? Uniqlo’s Been At It All Along

Uniqlo focuses on producing clothing that is essential in everyone’s wardrobe and is practical for a variety of your daily activities. They want you to be able to wear their clothing from the office to the gym, which is a huge trend nowadays. It keeps the brand relevant with it’s simplistic designs. This year, brands such as Lululemon have created the trend of “athleisure” which as taken an extreme rise in popularity recently. Even denim brands such as AG have created jeans with stretch that they have marketed as jeans that you could even “wear to yoga.” Uniqlo has always taken that approach with it’s play on technology forward fashions and fabrics and as the popularity of that trend rises, it will probably result in an increase in sales for Uniqlo.

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