The “Name”

Today’s lecture brought my thoughts to one major “thing”/”thought” when we were trying to describe what people wear today, of how most people in today’s society care about what brand they are wearing more than what style, color, shape, size, cost etc it may have. It’s even more interesting to think we are in a recession and yet the population doesn’t care to give up a few hundred or even thousand of dollars for a pair of heels just because the shoes are Christian Louboutin’s. Leaving me with the question of Is fashion that powerful and important to the world?. Are people more in love with the “Name” of the object itself?


2 thoughts on “The “Name”

  1. This is interesting because it seems that before reality T.V. and Instagram, people our age seemed to be more concerned with style and the “look”. Now, however, it seems that because celebrities are constantly flaunting expensive brands on T.V. and on social media, people our age have now become more concerned with the name on the tag. Our focus went from “what are you wearing”? to “who are you wearing”?

  2. Fashion as we know it is based on “who” you are wearing – we wouldn’t recognize names like Chanel, Dior, and Laurent if that wasn’t important. What do you think is changing? Is it the people who are wearing and talking about the labels? Is it our awareness of our peers and our priorities?

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