Tapping Generation Z 

“They have no idea a technological revolution has occurred.”
Just like I had no idea a communications revolution had occurred by the time I was a teenager.(in the 1970s…)

Today’s post-millennial teenagers have grown up with fundamentally different values, attitudes and consumer behaviours. BoF reports.

Source: Tapping Generation Z | Intelligence | BoF


Essena O’Neill quits Instagram claiming social media ‘is not real life’ | Media | The Guardian

I can´t make up my mind, whether this is perhaps an indicator of a shift away from the marketed narcissism of social media or just another representation of the same. Clearly the media is still being used as a platform for her, but now its for her views not views of her. Perhaps just an evolution of the girl’s identity being brought to the social-media-sphere. (I.e. Growing up in public…) Worth a check mark in the “McLuhan moment” box…

Australian teenager with more than 612,000 Instagram followers radically rewrites her ‘self-promoting’ history on social media (and launches new website)

Source: Essena O’Neill quits Instagram claiming social media ‘is not real life’ | Media | The Guardian

A Look at Tommy Hilfiger’s Rise, Fall, and Rise



I thought this article related to our discussion of brands, and their need to stay relevant and not get too comfortable. Tommy Hilfiger was such an iconic brand, with a well established market, but the success couldn’t last forever. He was at the turning point of the “casual wear” era but he inevitably had to rebrand when this trend left. The portion of the article about the brand being adopted into the “hip-hop” culture is also interesting. It not only affected consumer behavior, but he admits that a simple change in customer interest changed what the brand was.

Influences of Youth in the Fashion Industry

Business of Fashion – Students at Work

This Business of Fashion article discusses the influences presented by the college student within the current state of fashion businesses. More often now, we are seeing prominent designer houses (like Dior), engaging with college  students and scouting talent at younger ages. Given our discussion of the Zeitgeist, I think this is an interesting reflection of what is influencing trends. Youth seems to be a major factor in the representation of many brands. It’s the reason designers choose young stars to represent their brands (like Elle Fanning for Rodarte or Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu). These are young women who are in the beginning stages of their careers. There’s a desire to sign these girls before they’re well known, while they’re still “up-and-coming.” One current trend that can be taken away from this is the need to have the latest and greatest, before anyone else knows about it.