Alta Moda’s Luxurious Fashion Show – The New Yorker

Here is side of the “fashion world” that is rather different from the one in my last post. How is it that these two worlds can be the same place? (Can they?)

On the Italian Riviera, Dolce & Gabbana’s wealthiest clients dance, drink, and compete to buy couture.

Source: Alta Moda’s Luxurious Fashion Show – The New Yorker


The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

This article was interesting because it talks about the fine jewelry house, Repossi, and how their handcrafted ear cuffs have become popular amongst celebrities and pop culture icons, sending both the company and industry into major popularity. First introduced in 2011, the Repossi ear cuff was designed in order to appeal to the “conquering modern woman”–edgy and contemporary, with the perfect amount of feminism. Famous celebrities such as Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett have recently been spotted with this fashion on the red carpet, causing a sudden high demand for the style. Though growth is typically a good thing for a company, Repossi has seen a 27% increase in sales, which surprisingly worries artistic director, Gaia Repossi. She says that the handcrafted jewelry house has a natural growth limit, and that she is “. . . very scared of producing on a scale that would make the product lose quality. It’s very hard to combine good design and craftsmanship with massive expansion.” The demand for this style, as well as fine jewelry in general, has definitely increased because of these factors, and this opens up the market for many other fine jewelry companies to major comeback in the fashion world.

iWatch, iSO 8 and a Healthier Lifestyle

It seems as though everyone is beginning to adopt a healthier lifestyle. While it could just be another “trend”, all things health related are showing up everywhere. I constantly see pictures on instagram of people’s healthy food choices (fruit and granola perfectly placed in a bowl… #healthy #cleaneating #fit), workout clothes/shoes are becoming more stylish by being more colorful and having fun prints, and even people taking selfies at the gym. When I look at magazines in line at the grocery store, every other article is health related (work out tips, etc…).

With all this fitness and health appearing everywhere it’s only a matter of time before our gadget adopt the trend too. Apple is coming up with a “Healthbook” app that helps people keep track of calories and weight loss as well as an “iWatch” which will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and more.

I personally think this is a great idea. I like using my Nike GPS app to map my runs and having something like a watch and apps to keep track of more info is great!


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The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

This article talks about the return of fine jewelry, and people, such as celebrities are bringing back the style. When people start to wear “high fashion”, they need the fine jewelry pieces to go along to complete the outfit. The return of Fine Jewelry is coming back in London, which is the place where people always seem to be very put together and dressed in the “high fashion” looks. “Influential retailer Dover Street Market has expanded its jewellery offering substantially since launching its first store, in London, ten years ago. “The main shift seems to be that people are especially appreciative of being able to see things based on merit of design and creation, and presented in a new and interesting way,”

This relates to class because this is showing that old fashions will make a return at some point in time, and people appreciate “old, but new” fashions. Fashion is going in a constant circle, and it is interesting to me that fine, expensive jewelry is starting to come around again, especially because a lot of jewelry being produced now is very inexpensive costume jewelry. On the Zeitgeist map, I believe the influencers in today’s society are celebrities. People want what celebrities have, so in that case, if celebrities are starting to bring back and wear fine jewelry, society is going to want to do the same to keep up with the latest fashion.