the grammy fashion

While I was looking around for inspiration for this blogpost I looked at the local news media and decided to check what they were saying about the Grammy’s. On one site the headlines read something like “there were every kind of outfits, you be the judge…” I scrolled down some pictures unenthusiastically but Rihanna’s candy floss outfit definitely caught my eye.

On another icelandic news site Rihanna was considered best dressed on the Grammy’s. Although the other website was sort of neutral, the undertone was that the dresses they had collected were the worst. So I guess maybe it almost does’nt matter what you wear, you can be considered to be both best and worst?

Also my friend sent me this link this morning:



2 thoughts on “the grammy fashion

  1. The dresses from the Grammys are in my blog too and I really enjoyed taking a look at them. I did not think about which were the best or worst dresses as you wrote in your blog. I was thinking about if there were something new in the fashion, in the dresses they were wearing that night and what do the dresses tell us. I liked them all, I really enjoyed considering all the dresses. Take a look at Kim Kardashian she is dressed in Jean Paul Gaultier, a big fashion name. It looked like a bath rope, at least the shape of the dresse :). Another actress, Giuliana Rancic, although they did not mention the designer, was wearing clothes that looked like a jumpsuit. What does this mean?

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