CFDA Study of the Future of NY Fashion Week

I found this interesting since we have been discussing “the world of fashion” and thought this brings in a new perspective. The CFDA identified 3 key challenges (through this survey) as:

  1. Perceived “early”deliveries and markdowns hurting full-price sales
  2. A decreasing perception of newness
  3. The danger of the designer burnout

There’s also talk of re-examining the fashion cycle and debuting “in season” items during fashion week instead of being a season ahead. Neat little survey and article that I thought I would share.

Article: Change Is Coming: The CFDA Releases Results of Study on the Future of New York Fashion Week – Vogue

CFDA Article

CDFA Survey Results



New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Preview – Vogue

In addition to the questions in the subheading, this article also asks “What’s the point of fashion week, today?” (And then they cop out in typical no-content fashion journalism style, by saying: “The answer is up for grabs.”)
It might be worth spending about half the term discussing that…

Have we reached peak Hadid? Will Rihanna out-Kanye Kanye? And more pressing questions from New York Fashion Week.

Source: New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Preview – Vogue

Behind the curve, the closed world of haute couture calls in the geeks 

Wish I had read this before class today… Quote of the day:

“But things are changing, and some industry insiders are now predicting the demise of this exhausting and indulgent showcase of designer theatrics as its relevance in an era of fashion democracy, instant gratification and tech innovation is questioned. The fashion formula has, frankly, become tired, and the industry is starting to lag behind others in its lack of creative vision”

Says the Guardian: The haute couture industry has shunned technology for years. But the defection of Apple Music’s boss to a major luxury house suggests things are changing fast

Here’s the article: Behind the curve, the closed world of haute couture calls in the geeks | Fashion | The Guardian

Fashion Week, Reinvented 

OK, now the fall term begins. And what better to get us started than an article on “the future of fashion” from the New York Times. If these people could be missing the point any more wildly, in my opinion, they would have to be shipped back to the 1980’s. (But maybe that’s just me?)

“The future of fashion is being reimagined by WME/IMG, the entertainment and sports management company that now owns New York Fashion Week.”

My favorite line, of many, in this article:
“This heralds, said Pierre Rougier, an owner of PR Consulting, which represents such brands as Versace, Dior and Altuzarra, “the officialization of fashion as entertainment.”


Source: Fashion Week, Reinvented – The New York Times