Michael Kors Speaks to Imran Amed

Kors in Shanghai

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Amazon makes buying easier



Twitter and Amazon have recently teamed up to create a collaborative “social storefront”. This allows consumers to shop without even leaving their twitter app. The hashtag now has the power to help consumers shop. As long as your twitter and amazon are linked up, you can hashtag #AmazonCart along with a link of an item you want that you’ve seen on twitter, and the item automatically appears in your shopping cart on Amazon. Technology is coming a long way in influencing the way we shop. I’d like to see what future innovations will change or affect the way we shop.

Fur Ban in West Hollywood


A fur band was put into place in West Hollywood as of yesterday. Many believe it should not just be a ban for clothing and accessories, but a ban across the board. Retailers found selling fur are subject to a fine from $200 to $800. This seems to be a very interesting topic, I wonder what this will mean for future fashion.

#GIRLBOSS: The Rise of America’s “Nastygal”


Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of the massively popular apparel website, Nastygal, has been tremendously busy promoting her new book “#Girlboss”, which hits stores today. #Girlboss tells Sophia’s story of how she grew up with nothing and now runs a multi-million dollar fashion business, which she began by selling vintage clothing through eBay. In order to promote this inspiring, out-of-the-box book, Sophia has been applying some normal, as well as many out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Aside from interviews with major news programs such as the BBC, ABC, and Good Morning America, Sophia’s marketing tactics range from topping taxicabs with advertisements reading “If this is a man’s world, who cares? #GirlBoss“, to paralleling a chapter from her book and offering free bagels out of dumpsters, to providing a working hotline at 1-844-GIRLBOSS, which provides a “quick guide to an awesome life”. Judging by her promotional approaches alone, Sophia Amoruso’s new book is sure to be full of helpful and creative tips and techniques on how to manage money, business, and fashion, while also keeping it weird.

Met Gala 2014: A White Tie Affair


The annual Costume Institute’s Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is notorious for implying a strict, themed dress code for all of its exclusive attendees. This year was a little different, however, for the men attending the gala were not asked to adorn themselves in their typical Black Tie attire–they were, instead, asked to channel some first-half-of-the-century nostalgia with classic White Tie, Charles James-esque ensembles. Though sometimes prevalent for certain events in the UK, it is not very common for men to dress in White Tie attire in the US, making it difficult, yet fun for the male attendees to be able to dress outside the norm for once. White Tie is a timeless and tasteful form of dress, and those men attending the party were given the opportunity to mix up their usual evening wear, instead wearing tailcoats and adorning canes and top hats. This important, stylish event could foreshadow new trends in menswear, and even womenswear fashions for upcoming seasons.

Met Gala 2014: An Exhibit Dedicated to Detail


The Met Gala, fashion’s best-dressed night of the year, took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, to kick off its newest exhibit “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”. The exhibit is opening mainly inside the new Anna Wintour Costume Center, and displays a number of pieces made by the famous fashion-meets-sculpture designer. During his lifetime, James was a celebrated designer, using innovative cuts and construction techniques to highlight various details in his extraordinary works. He believed that his designs should be used in order to teach design techniques, and the exhibit appears to do a great job of emphasizing his unique yet innovative practices. In parts of the exhibit, there are even “animations of how the fabrics were manipulated to come together in one piece . . .” which ” . . . add[s] to the experience” of the designs and the exhibit as a whole. James himself would be proud of this display, for it tells his whole life story, while highlighting his attention to every little detail in design. The exhibit is open to the public beginning on Thursday, May 8th, and will run through August 10th, and is sure to inspire various forgotten designs and details for upcoming seasons in fashion.


Model Alek Wek appointed official H&M Conscious Foundation Ambassador

Model Alek Wek appointed official H&M Conscious Foundation Ambassador

Here’s the small recap of the article according to the Author “H&M Conscious Foundation has named Sudanese model Alek Wek as its official ambassador as the Foundation initiates its work for its three prioritized global development issues; education, clean water, and strengthening women.”


I think this is perfect. I always admired Alek Wek for her boldness. I think she would be a great ambassador. H&M  seem to make great choices even when it doesn’t concern fashion. 

Free People Goes Against The Grain For The Dark Rose Lookbook


I thought this was interesting given that my group mentioned this, when we stated that

Free People was going against their typical color scheme and started to put more dark

colors and night wear. We thought it might hurt their brand but they seem to be aware

of what they are doing. But I still feel like it can hurt them because it gives off a goth and

dark feel, instead of the usual free and peaceful feel everyone knows them for.