Fashion moment videos

Watching the videos on how some of my classmates realized fashion matters was super interesting! There were some common factors between the videos, along with my own. One thing that was similar is that everyone noticed fashion mattered at a young age. I am also in this category so I can relate to all four girl’s videos! The first, second and fourth video I watched were super similar in the sense that they all noticed because of something to do with school and other people. Some of the girls were made fun of for what they wore to school and asked their mom to pick out their own outfits and start wearing different clothes. One girl noticed fashion mattered when helping her parents out with their business in this industry! This is a positive event that took place in someone’s life, which helped show him or her what he or she wanted to do with his or her life. What surprised me is how much your parents inspire this moment. For me, it was asking my mom to dress me differently from my twin, along with all the videos I watched that had to do with their parents as well. It surprises me that girls can make fun of other girls for what they are wearing at such a young age. It sucks that we live in a society where girls make fun of other girls and tear each other down… People should just be able to wear what they want!


Fashion Moment Video- Blog 2

I found these first fashion moment videos very interesting. It is interesting to hear other classmates stories and perspectives on this topic. Although many of us grew up differently and in different areas it is interesting that we all still have many similarities when it comes to our first fashion memories. It seems that many of us came to the realization fashion was important in middle school. This is when I also started really paying attention to what I was wearing. I wanted to make sure I was in trendy clothes and I had older siblings so I would take their clothes and want to dress like them. This seems to be true for other classmates as well. I feel like this is because in elementary school we are still young and naive,I think we might be aware of fashion and possibly prefer one style over another but we aren’t as aware of it as we are in middle school. In middle school I think fitting in and dressing right becomes a greater importance to us. I think brands also became more important at this age, when I was young I did have a few brands I liked but in middle school I would only shop at particular stores.

First Fashion Moment Videos Sim & Diff

While watching these videos, I soon saw a trend forming between all our videos. For the most Part the fashion Industry is so big that it seems only right to try to become apart of it. It seems that is the only way one will truly fit in. The exception to this is that fashion is truly not big as it once was and everyone including myself is becoming more independent and free with their style of dress. The main difference was each of the girls in the video followed their own path. For me I was more focused on sneakers, and the other was a trend that they saw as important probably retaining to where and how they grew up. Another similarity is the confidence we all have. I believe as millennials each of us hold a special confidence because in a sense everything is handed to us, a computer or a phone and we can do so much with it. Clothes on the other hand and fashion sense is easily accomplished.

Blog 2 Fashion Moment Video

After watching the four videos about others fashion moments, it gave me new insight on how fashion matters. I watched Kristen Bregkvist, Kristine DeMoranville, Laura Hugel and Lindsey Toupin. All four girls, including me, had a fashion/appearance experience around middle school. This didn’t shock me very much because a lot happens during those years and we also all went to middle school the same time. Kristen and Lindsey each had fashion experiences with their sisters like having to share the same clothes or their moms picking out the same pieces for them. If my sister and I were the same size during that time, I bet this would have been a problem for me, too. Laura’s influence was her best friend. Watching her reactions while talking about her friend definitely helped me see how much of a positive influence she was to her, and that wasn’t something I expected to see when doing this project. The other girls and my experiences and influencers didn’t really give us that excitement over appearance mattering to us. It was refreshing to hear. Lindsey mentioned in her video that she went to private school, and for someone that went to public her whole life, I never thought of how the weekends were your only time to express yourself through clothing. Kristen mentioned that clothing made her personality grew, and that was also something I hadn’t thought about. This exercise really has me thinking about how much appearance and our influencers have an effect on us as individuals.

First Fashion Moment*

    It was really interesting to watch the videos of my classmates because it made me realize that we all have some stuff in common about fashion. Especially the relation with the clothes, which started when we were younger and we realized the importance of dressing.
    I noticed that Joe and I were used to wearing specific clothes in order to distinguish ourselves from the others or simply because we wanted to show our personalities. Rather than Jenna explained that she began to pay attention to the way she was dressed when she arrived in middle school and she saw older students having a particular style, more trendy and coded.
Both Jenna and Etta talked about the importance of the appearance at school for being accepted and not being considered as a marginal person. According to their explanations it was like wearing clothes resulted more in wearing a uniform than a personal outfit, to avoid any judgments.
Then I remembered how the classmates  and people at school in general could be critical and even mean when we look like different from the others and I can completely understand the pressure and the reasons to adopt a specific outfit.
    At last, I also had commonalities with Heather when she talked about the industry of fashion and the fact that Fashion doesn’t summarize at shopping and wearing clothing, it’s much more than this thin approach, it covers a whole business which involve social, economical and financial issues.

Blog 2

Nicolette, Olivia, Riley, Stefanie, and I all experienced fashion at roughly around the same age, middle school. I was a little younger but not by too much. Each of the four videos I watched all discussed how the transition into middle was similar to the transition into adulthood, where you had to act and dress a certain way. And how you dressed mattered because kids your age now cared and you were “older” so you needed to act that age. I found it ironic that I too went through what each of these girls described, I noticed the transition of fashion as Nicolette and Riley did and I took a lot of my fashion responsibility from my older siblings such as Olivia and Stefanie did. But it was not as monumental for me, it actually did not even cross my mind when this project was presented. I just find it surprising that the same things can happen in a person’s life but affect them differently.

Fashion Moment Blog – Allie Blaisdell

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my classmates speak about their specific memories of when they first realized that fashion meant something. I watched videos from Bailey Harrington, Caitlyn Collins, Carly Erskine, and Christiana Contrada. I noticed many similarities in ways that we all spoke about realizing the importance of dress somewhere around the time of middle school to high school. Many of us introduced the fact that fashion is an outlet for individuality, confidence, and ultimately used as a tool to aid in finding out who you are and who you want to be. I thought it was interesting how Carly described the culture aspect of fashion and how fashion is incredibly important to each specific culture, particularly in eastern countries like Thailand and India where it is less about dressing for weather, but more importantly about respect. I could relate to Caitlyn when she talked about how in school she was more of an introvert and didn’t follow her peers when they displayed certain fashion statements such as popular brand names like Hollister and Abercrombie. She wore what she emulated from the celebrities and fashion icons and that set her aside from the crowd and instilled individuality. Christiana also introduced individuality when she  described how fashion is used as a way to stand out and make a name for yourself, instead of being a connected as one to a twin, for example. This exercise included many similarities but differences as well in terms of experiences and viewpoints but we all agree that fashion calls upon two main key words, individuality and confidence.

First Fashion Moment Video

Watching the fashion moment videos I was surprised to see how similar and different each of the videos were. Most of us seemed to have realized that fashion mattered at a very young age (middle school or younger), while others discovered fashion mattered later on in their teens during high school. School seemed to be the common thread between almost all of our videos. Majority of us had a love for fashion from a young age but it wasn’t until later that we realized that fashion mattered (typically middle school). We were all just kids trying to “fit in” with our social circles, sometimes our friends being our main inspiration. Although we were trying to be fashionable we were still trying to have our own unique style as well and a way to express ourselves. I also found it really interesting how only a few of us mentioned name brand and label brands as being important during middle school since majority of us mentioned it. Overall I really enjoyed this and it was interesting to see how much fashion has impacted our lives.

Blog 2 Fashion Moment Videos

After watching the videos of Taylor Warner, Stephanie Savage, Alex Heidenthal, and Allie Blaisdell its obvious that we each faced some of the same fashion experiences growing up. It seems that each one of us payed close attention to fashion and its influence starting from an early age. Though Stephanie and I both had experiences that started in middle school, Alex on the other hand seemed to have an earlier experience that started in second grade. Regardless of when we each experienced fashion for the first time it’s clear that we all still pay close to the evolving trends and styles. Growing up it seems like a lot of our fashion was in fact influenced by our friends or the young peers around us, however over time it seems that each of our style preferences have become much more independent. Though we all keep up with current trends, in the end it seems that we each like to dress in what we personally find to be appealing, fashionable, or in style.

Heather Levinson: Fashion Videos similarities and differences

Watching the four videos of other classmates I have come to the conclusion that my story is out of the ordinary. However I can relate to a lot of points that were made by our classmates. In all four videos, our classmates discuss wanting to look good for school and discovering themselves through their wardrobe. As Jenna said in her video, our classmates would point out who was and wasn’t wearing “the look”.  Everyone was wearing his or her ripped jeans from Hollister, with their coach purse. One would be surprised by how judgmental middle schooler’s could be.  Which made me realize that Joe brought out a very good point.  Growing up everyone has their favorite outfits to wear but as a child you didn’t know why they were your favorite.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason we found ourselves drawn to that outfit, the moment it came out of the dryer, was because we were developing our own sense of style.  We were finally fading from “what every one else is wearing” and trying to stand out with our own trend. Which brings me to a very good point that Katie and Kristen brought up; those three outfits allowed us to express ourselves for the very first time. In conclusion I think we all found ourselves by going beyond the brand names and “the look” by trying new things that ultimately ended up turning into those three outfits that we always go back to.