The Congo Dandies – Documentary Film

This is a “must watch,” I think…

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Source: The Congo Dandies – Top Documentary Films

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“You don’t expect the most extravagant fashions to be flaunted in the regions of the world which are hardest hit by severely compromised living conditions and widespread poverty. But a group in the Congo known as The Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People, or La Sape for short, makes it their mission to defy these common expectations. The documentary short The Congo Dandies explores their commitment to maintaining an elegant quality of life that goes beyond the mere clothes they wear.”


Vlisco, the african fashion titan from holland

African wax print fabrics are becoming increasing popular, viscous a Dutch company based in Africa is one of the leading company. They are expecting to make more than 300 million euros this year. Most of their fabric came from Africa and they’re sold in open air markets where then it is brought and resold to traders.

this really interest me, I didn’t know there are large fabric manufacture in Africa and they are becoming popular globally

Black Fashion Week shakes up Paris couture

Interesting development.  Kind of amazing how little press this gets. I would have thought this would be celebrated, but it looks like the organizers of the event are being put on the defensive. What do you think this could/ should lead to?

Black Fashion Week shakes up Paris couture – FASHION – FRANCE 24.