CFDA Study of the Future of NY Fashion Week

I found this interesting since we have been discussing “the world of fashion” and thought this brings in a new perspective. The CFDA identified 3 key challenges (through this survey) as:

  1. Perceived “early”deliveries and markdowns hurting full-price sales
  2. A decreasing perception of newness
  3. The danger of the designer burnout

There’s also talk of re-examining the fashion cycle and debuting “in season” items during fashion week instead of being a season ahead. Neat little survey and article that I thought I would share.

Article: Change Is Coming: The CFDA Releases Results of Study on the Future of New York Fashion Week – Vogue

CFDA Article

CDFA Survey Results


Why Stage Fashion Shows? 

Here´s an interesting contribution to the “death of fashion” discussion. Could it be that the catwalk show is now becoming redundant? That would indeed signal the end of an era, wouldn’t it? I think we should keep a close watch on this…

Increasingly faced with a choice, designers have been embracing — or rejecting — the changing role of fashion shows.

Source: Why Stage Fashion Shows? | Week in Review | BoF

This Fashion Week Was Twice as Instagrammed as Last Fashion Week

“Twice as Instagrammed” is my phrase of the week. It’s an on line world… Notice that all this Instagramming was not all about the catwalks. Might be interesting to start collecting statistics on who gets shared. (Style leaders, influencers,…)

Source: This Fashion Week Was Twice as Instagrammed as Last Fashion Week – Racked

What’s Red, White and Ralph all over? | Fashion Show Review, Spring 2016

What? How is this Southern France, rather than anything else? Can anyone point to anything here that isn’t typical Ralph Lauren? Beware of lazy fashion journalism…

Ralph Lauren’s simple, stylish statement for Spring evoked points south of Paris, rather than points east of Manhattan.

Source: What’s Red, White and Ralph all over? | Fashion Show Review, Spring 2016 | BoF

Is Another Fashion Week the Answer?

Just bumped into an editorial from last month on BoF. Link: Week in Review | Is Another Fashion Week the Answer? – The Business of Fashion.

This has been an increasingly apparent problem in the fashion business for a number of years now. I think adding more fashion weeks, especially to New York, seems more like desperation than innovation. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this.
But as the writer wonders: What else to do? This might be worth a terms-worth of discussion, but worlds change and structures change and sooner or later the former elite has to let go…

The Top 10 Moments From Spring/Summer 2015 Couture Week

Link to article: The Top 10 Moments From Spring/Summer 2015 Couture Week.

Question of the day, then: Is there anything to be learned from this? Maybe it’s just because I have a cold, but I can’t think of a single thing to point to….

Overloaded something-or-other, minimalism, Bianca Jagger’s suit for the thousandth time, Bowie-influence for the thousandth time, bla bla bla… If these are the ten most memorable moments, then this was a dismal week….

(OK, I’m also being deliberately a little ornery – maybe I’ll have something more positive to say on Monday…)

(6 hours later:)

OK, the obvious point is “of course, there’s something to learn from it!” Pointing to the absence of anything new; pointing to the rehashed and slightly desperate use of tried-and-true references… This is also a pointing to something worth looking at. If the Couture Week looks like this, full of desperate rehash and overload; form over substance – icing on icing, on the same old cake – then things are really getting to the point of no return.

But, as always, we have to ask: What next?