Is Kendall Jenner Changing the Face of Fashion? “Dazed” Magazine Says Yes

Being part of the group that predicted a possible collaboration between the Kardashian family and Givenchy in the means of Kim and even her toddler daughter, North we may have just missed a all too realistic assumption in our prediction. Kendall Jenner, daughter to Bruce Jenner and Kardashian momager, Kris has literally be blowing up the fashion world. There isn’t a place that her face is now seen. In just the past few weeks she has become the new face for  Estée Lauder and has been seen in the majority of cat walks in the many recent fashion shows. On top of that she and her sister were just name some of the most influential teens ( whatever that means). If Givenchy was smart maybe they would tie her down while they still can and worry about Kim and North later.

What Is “Posh” Style Now?

This article is interesting in the fact that the definition of fashion is always changing. The topic of what is currently considered the “new” or “current” trends and styles turns into a game of one upping the previous look with designs and styles that pop out and create self expression. Reading this article only makes me think of the claims that fashion is dead, with the spray on denim and consumers showing more loyalty to thrift stores that trying designers and their looks. It seems that the blend between the repeat and whats new and current is overlapping at an alarming rate.


Uniqlo is a fairly new retail store here in the United States. They are based in Japan and are very popular there. Here in the U.S. they are not very popular and people here do not quiet understand Uniqlo. They are know for simple basics similar to the store American Apparel. There clothes are basics that are functional with a wide range of different colors. They have chosen to have multiple of the same basic garments in a variety of different colors, and textures over high fashion.

Zara’s Style and Design

Zara does not have a definite style they are known for having a fresh form the runway look. They copy almost directly from other luxury designers and sell for a lower target market. There design is not their’s since they re almost carbon copies. So there isn’t a disconnect, they are just not connected to war they are producing since it is not theirs.

Urban Outfitters Style & Design

Urban Outfitters is an innovative specialty retail company which offers a variety of lifestyle merchandise. Urban Outfitters contribute its success to their compelling and distinct brand that has the ability to connect with customers on a personal level. UO style offers an eclectic and unique mix of merchandise. UO is known for its unique street wear but you can also find vintage/bohemian inspired items and feminine dresses.


Michael Kors Style, Design, and Image

In the past few years Michael Kors has been booming in the fashion industry. The designer has created collections that seem to appear for the average working women as they are both subtle and elegant. Though Kors has been in the industry for a while, his reputation didnt begin until he started his line Michael by Michael Kors. Unlike the original Michael Kors line, the Michael by Michael Kors collections have a drastic price change to target more of a general consumer. While this was a great way to expand his client base. His designs are too similar to his Michale Kors line which he considers to be luxury. A typical Michael Kors bag can range anywhere between $1,000- $20,000. However The prices for his Michael by Michael Kors line ranges between $250- $800. In many ways Kors is trying to mimic the image of Marc Jacobs by creating a cheaper line for middle and lower class consumers. The main difference between Kors and Jacobs is the image that goes with the price change. While the Marc Jacobs line is similar in price, they narrow in on a specific consumer making their designs unique and highly desired by that age bracket. Unlike Jacobs, Michael Kors does not have a specific image, making it harder for the average consumer to differentiate the designers lines. Though Kors considers himself as a luxury brand, he offers some of his off season products in discount stores like Marshalls. As a result, their is a huge disconnect as to how consumers view the designer.

Givenchy Design Image

I decided to take a look at the design image of our company when Alexander McQueen was designing.  He was the head designer for Givenchy for 5 years and brought his over the top designs to the company and at first they were very unsuccessful and he realized that he had to tone them down in order for them to be accepted at this label that is very different from his style.  Upon arriving to the company, he called the previous designer “irrelevant,” and then decided that he needed to bring it down a notch.  He decided to tone his style down, but not get rid of the controversial side of things.  In the spring runway show of 1998 he decided to have a double amputee model walk the runway with carved wooden legs.  The designer stayed with the company until March of 2001, when he left because he believed that the company was “constraining his creativity.”

Zara SWOT Analysis!swot-analysis/c1e7t

When our group first saw this post we thought it was actually created by Zara itself. But it seems as though (due to spelling mistakes and using that it might have been created for a project or by someone else. However it’s a really interesting point of view on Zara’s SWOT analysis and I think it will be useful for our project along with other aspects and issues with their marketing and production strategies.

Why Zara Probably Won’t Expand in the U.S. Any Time Soon

This article talks about the difficulties with European brands coming to the US and being successful due to sizing differences. It also talks about the issue of Americans not necessarily being as fashion conscious especially in the mid-US. Most of the fashion conscious people live on the coasts so European stores don’t have interest in increasing their stores.