Ralph Lauren ignores the fashion zeitgeist and lets the good times roll | Fashion | The Guardian

Quote of the day: “This was a brand message rather than a fashion message.”

Designer’s catwalk show celebrates enduring power of traditional aesthetic values with seductive, sleek daywear

Source: Ralph Lauren ignores the fashion zeitgeist and lets the good times roll | Fashion | The Guardian


Burberry Becomes First Fashion Brand to Launch Apple Music Channel

I’m like, so: “Huh?”

UK luxury-goods maker Burberry Group Plc introduced a channel on Apple Inc.’s music service in the latest example of the fashion and technology industries coming together.

Source: Burberry Becomes First Fashion Brand to Launch Apple Music Channel | News & Analysis | BoF

The End of Advertising As We Know It

The highlighted quotation is what got me:
“The head of a big digital agency said to me: “We don’t do story. We facilitate the handshake by moving the cash register closer to the consumer. That’s much more economical and efficient than trying to create demand and desire.”
If this is true, then we’re in for a lot of changes, once this thinking takes fully hold.

The End of Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn.

Uniqlo is helping out with not only fashion… but Scholarships too


Uniqlo has expanded so much that they are being very generous and spreading their love (money) for scholarships but not only for any colleges but for those who are attending Harvard. Over the years, Uniqlo has expanded all over the world and why not spread their name around the world more then by giving out scholarships. As we connect this to the “Zeitgeist Map” we can say that their economics is growing, not only is this clothing company focusing and spending their money on fashion or clothing, they are expanded their economic success with scholarships. If you are willing to donate 1.2 million dollars to students who are pursuing a career in business then they are thinking about their long term and future success because those students attending this college in business is the future of this company. These students are the one’s who might need to take over the company and help with the future of this company.

Another amazing benefit is those who are selected for the scholarship, might also be chosen for an internship, those students that are enrolled in the Fast Retailing, which in my eyes is something I would love to be part of. The future of fashion is expanding in many different directions, fashion is not only fashion now, but it is about different aspects that we are still exploring, but this company is doing a great job by taking the past and thinking about the future. The owner of the company is seeing a lot of students that started off like him, and hopefully will end up like him. It is all about the students will take advantage of  this scholarship and this program.

#GIRLBOSS: The Rise of America’s “Nastygal”


Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of the massively popular apparel website, Nastygal, has been tremendously busy promoting her new book “#Girlboss”, which hits stores today. #Girlboss tells Sophia’s story of how she grew up with nothing and now runs a multi-million dollar fashion business, which she began by selling vintage clothing through eBay. In order to promote this inspiring, out-of-the-box book, Sophia has been applying some normal, as well as many out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Aside from interviews with major news programs such as the BBC, ABC, and Good Morning America, Sophia’s marketing tactics range from topping taxicabs with advertisements reading “If this is a man’s world, who cares? #GirlBoss“, to paralleling a chapter from her book and offering free bagels out of dumpsters, to providing a working hotline at 1-844-GIRLBOSS, which provides a “quick guide to an awesome life”. Judging by her promotional approaches alone, Sophia Amoruso’s new book is sure to be full of helpful and creative tips and techniques on how to manage money, business, and fashion, while also keeping it weird.

Hearst Titles Go Head-to-Head With Miley Cyrus Covers (WWD 04.07.14)


“Two Hearst titles, Seventeen and Elle will go head-to-head in May with covers of Miley”

With all this talk and trying to figure out the meaning of “Kimye” on the cover of the one and only Vogue, I found it only fitting that I stumbled upon this article on Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is wanted on two well-known magazines for the May issue, despite her new attitude and way of living. The only problem: Seventeen Magazine is using Miley’s pictures and a write-around inside its pages, regardless if Miley wants it or not. Apparently, Miley is very “selective when it comes to magazine covers” and did not want anything to do with Seventeen magazine. Miley has become such a hot commodity and sells magazines. When she was on the cover of Cosmo, March 2013, 1.1 million copies were sold on the newsstand. The public is craving for more of Miley and Seventeen Magazine wants in. Yet, isn’t it ironic how so many people gawk and criticize who she has become, yet we still want to know more?