CFDA Study of the Future of NY Fashion Week

I found this interesting since we have been discussing “the world of fashion” and thought this brings in a new perspective. The CFDA identified 3 key challenges (through this survey) as:

  1. Perceived “early”deliveries and markdowns hurting full-price sales
  2. A decreasing perception of newness
  3. The danger of the designer burnout

There’s also talk of re-examining the fashion cycle and debuting “in season” items during fashion week instead of being a season ahead. Neat little survey and article that I thought I would share.

Article: Change Is Coming: The CFDA Releases Results of Study on the Future of New York Fashion Week – Vogue

CFDA Article

CDFA Survey Results



What is going on in New York today?

New York fashion week: notes from the frow
Annie’s Miss Hannigan, model groupies and catwalk tumbles … what’s catching everyone’s eye at the shows?

Source: New York fashion week: notes from the frow | Fashion | The Guardian

Is Another Fashion Week the Answer?

Just bumped into an editorial from last month on BoF. Link: Week in Review | Is Another Fashion Week the Answer? – The Business of Fashion.

This has been an increasingly apparent problem in the fashion business for a number of years now. I think adding more fashion weeks, especially to New York, seems more like desperation than innovation. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this.
But as the writer wonders: What else to do? This might be worth a terms-worth of discussion, but worlds change and structures change and sooner or later the former elite has to let go…

New York Fashion Week to Leave Lincoln Center

My first reaction: I don’t think this is going to make a blind bit of difference to anything. Fashion Week was over years ago. If anything, this will perhaps prompt a re-invigoration of the phenomenon. If they just move the circus….. Meh.

My second reaction: It confirms what we have known for a while, but it may also be the beginning of a domino effect. If New York Fashion Week falls apart, then London won’t be far behind, and then what?

New York Fashion Week to Leave Lincoln Center – The Business of Fashion.

Spike Jonze satire electrifies New York fashion week for Opening Ceremony

Electrifies Fashion Week? To me this looks just like more of New York´s fashion industry disappearing into its own little circle. A play about a fashion show, as a fashion show, at the opening of fashion week? Sounds like high-school to me. But only if it was a true mirror and not perceived as “oh how cute” will anything change.

Spike Jonze satire electrifies New York fashion week for Opening Ceremony | Fashion | The Guardian.

Met Gala 2014: A White Tie Affair

The annual Costume Institute’s Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is notorious for implying a strict, themed dress code for all of its exclusive attendees. This year was a little different, however, for the men attending the gala were not asked to adorn themselves in their typical Black Tie attire–they were, instead, asked to channel some first-half-of-the-century nostalgia with classic White Tie, Charles James-esque ensembles. Though sometimes prevalent for certain events in the UK, it is not very common for men to dress in White Tie attire in the US, making it difficult, yet fun for the male attendees to be able to dress outside the norm for once. White Tie is a timeless and tasteful form of dress, and those men attending the party were given the opportunity to mix up their usual evening wear, instead wearing tailcoats and adorning canes and top hats. This important, stylish event could foreshadow new trends in menswear, and even womenswear fashions for upcoming seasons.

Met Gala 2014: An Exhibit Dedicated to Detail

The Met Gala, fashion’s best-dressed night of the year, took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, to kick off its newest exhibit “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”. The exhibit is opening mainly inside the new Anna Wintour Costume Center, and displays a number of pieces made by the famous fashion-meets-sculpture designer. During his lifetime, James was a celebrated designer, using innovative cuts and construction techniques to highlight various details in his extraordinary works. He believed that his designs should be used in order to teach design techniques, and the exhibit appears to do a great job of emphasizing his unique yet innovative practices. In parts of the exhibit, there are even “animations of how the fabrics were manipulated to come together in one piece . . .” which ” . . . add[s] to the experience” of the designs and the exhibit as a whole. James himself would be proud of this display, for it tells his whole life story, while highlighting his attention to every little detail in design. The exhibit is open to the public beginning on Thursday, May 8th, and will run through August 10th, and is sure to inspire various forgotten designs and details for upcoming seasons in fashion.


Wang’s Brooklyn Trek

I focused mainly on the first half of this article, which talked about the location of the venue for Alexander Wang’s show this past week. He held it in Brooklyn at a Navy Yard.  In the article, it shows many people complaining about having to make the long trek down to Brooklyn for his show and the horror show of the traffic mess when exiting the show. The same production for the show could have easily been done in a space in Manhattan, so why did he make everyone come down to Brooklyn? To me this actually seemed like a complete representation or almost metaphor for fashion dissemination.

The idea of taking New York Fashion Week from Manhattan to Brooklyn is literally showing the trickle down effect.  Maybe Wang was inspired for the show by the streets, what Brooklyn represents, so then it would be considered the trickle up effect instead? But, it is still apart of Fashion Week and his show, no matter what, will end up being part of the trickle down effect. Therefore, Wang’s show is high fashion being shown from “the streets.” To me this shows the idea that fashion dissemination is not just one direction at a time, but a combination of the trickle up and down, being a cycle instead of a linear line. I think the fact he brought his show to Brooklyn is important and has to have some meaning, but I could just be over thinking this all and Wang just thought it would be funny to make everyone have to travel to Brooklyn and complain about it.

It’s About Time: New Exhibit Celebrates Black Designers


Adrienne Jones is a Pratt Institute University Professor who has a new exhibit in New York that has opened up from Feb 7 through April 26 2014. Her exhibit, “Black Dress: Ten Contemporary  Fashion Designers”, showcases the work of  upcoming black fashion designers who are based in New York.

Elle Magazine interviews Adrienne Jones about the significance of her exhibit and the status of how black designers have been underrepresented in the fashion industry.

The upcoming designers in the exhibit include: Byron Lars, Omar Salam, Jeffrey Banks, Tracy Reese, Stephen Burrows, Donna Dove, Samantha Black, Epperson, Michael Jerome Francis, LaQuan Smith.