Nobody Knows Anything: Moving Beyond Fashion’s Closed Loop

Here is an interesting take on the business and the “forecasting” industry.
Link: Op-Ed | Nobody Knows Anything: Moving Beyond Fashion’s Closed Loop.


From Fashion Cycle to Fashion Feed – The Business of Fashion

And there we have it. Fashion as we knew it, becomes Fashion as we now know it: “…a near-constant stream of newness.” From Fashion Cycle to Fashion Feed – The Business of Fashion.

Jennifer O’Brien, Director of Strategic Planning

Role Call | Jennifer O’Brien, Director of Strategic Planning – BoF – The Business of Fashion.

This is where we’re at! (I’m tempted to make this article required reading.)

Says Jennifer O’Brien: “The usual suspects are challenging our clients and us every day: the increasingly central role of digital media and content, the impact of globalisation and emerging markets and a new generation of consumers who engage with fashion and self-expression differently. Just as culture is always evolving, fashion as a reflection of culture is always in motion. The increased complexity of our world means that our strategic thinking for brands needs to be leaner and meaner, go further and faster. Every idea needs to be torture-tested to ensure that it can drive 360-degree action.”

Digging For Diamonds Among China’s ‘KOLs’

Key sentence: “[M]ost of these expensive influencers won’t move the needle in China, simply because they don’t have any real influence.” I think we should start actively researching the influence of bloggers. (Term project anyone? Grad student research?)

Op-Ed | Digging For Diamonds Among China’s ‘KOLs’ – BoF – The Business of Fashion.

A Look at Tommy Hilfiger’s Rise, Fall, and Rise


I thought this article related to our discussion of brands, and their need to stay relevant and not get too comfortable. Tommy Hilfiger was such an iconic brand, with a well established market, but the success couldn’t last forever. He was at the turning point of the “casual wear” era but he inevitably had to rebrand when this trend left. The portion of the article about the brand being adopted into the “hip-hop” culture is also interesting. It not only affected consumer behavior, but he admits that a simple change in customer interest changed what the brand was.

Westfield Goes Interactive

I thought this article was important because it’s another way of the digital age dominating the fashion industry in all facets. Westfield’s Garden State Plaza in N.J.has put into play what is called a “digital storefront.” It looks like three giant iPads that are interactive and stream high-definition photos from different retailers in the store. The consumer can use this technology to browse the featured items at different stores without actually having to walk to each store.  It is basically like virtual browsing, but at the mall. I also think it is interesting because it shows how everything has become “screen” oriented. Consumers would rather look at an item on a screen than physically going to the store to look at it. Personally, I like to physically browse stores to look at items. How does everyone else feel about this technology? Would you rather physically browse or look at everything more conveniently on this interactive screen?