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Relating to my previous post, A Theatrical But Less Bold Alexander McQueen, this also speaks of Sarah Burton not bringing the McQueen touch to her fashion show!  Not saying that her show wasn’t well put together, but it just didn’t have the danger element that McQueen always included.  If two articles have been posted about it… I can only imagine how strong some fans’ feelings are about this fashion show!


The Entertaining and Cringe Inducing Ways Urban Outfitters Describes its Customers to Wall Street

What’s funny about this is that it’s fairly accurate yet not very professional sounding. They are almost insulting their own customers to Wall Street.

Zara’s Massive Clothing Error

Fashion giant Zara made a pretty huge mistake this past week by selling a toddler’s pajama top that resembles a concentration camp uniform from the Holocaust. The top has a similar blue and white strip pattern and featured a six pointed gold star. If you look closely the star does say Sheriff however, from an online perspective the garment looks far too similar for comfort. The shirt was resembled after the wild west yet that seems to be the furthest things from everyone’s mind. The top was taken off websites just hours after it was put up and Zara sent out multilingual apologizes all across twitter stating that they were truly sorry and the mistake was unintentional.

For myself, and the attached article, the real question lies in how this garment even made it past the design stage of production. Zara has a fast fashion business model but is their production line so fast that they just made a careless mistake like this one? Zara is not the only company to make a mistake like this- Adidas a few years ago came out with sneakers that had shackles on the ankles. The bigger question to all of this is how do these designs pass?? And how can mistakes like this be prevented in the future. Although Zara apologized I think they really need to take a good look at their design process and maybe make their fast fashion a little bit slower so mistakes like this one do not continue.

Betsey Johnson Celebrates Brides, Marriage freedom

My client is Betsey Johnson, she is known for her “over the top style” of her clothing designs.  In the article that I read for this week, we see that Betsey Johnson had transgenders and drag queens marching down the isle as her models.  Betsey is known for having feel good fashion shows that are always fun to watch.  In a backstage interview Johnson spoke about her show for New York Fashion Week and said it is, “trendy and transgendy.”  A big part of her show focused on pre-nups, johnson stated that, “Pre nup is a part of the whole world of straight brides, gay brides, transgender marriages, everybody getting married. Finally, freedom.”  I found this article extremely interesting and it showed how Betsey Johnson is an advocate of equality.



Betsey Johnson brings fun to activewear

Betsey Johnson is expanding her brand by designing a new line of active wear. I thought this article was great because it includes a recent detailed interview with Betsey that give us an inside look on what inspires her. Betsey’s latest idea to design active wear stemmed from when she made a work out video a few years ago. The video inspired her to create stylish work out clothing for women.

Betsey also discussed why her runway shows all have a “party feel”. Like her clothing, her runway shows are inspired by the dance world. During the interview Betsey stated that, “I think sometimes the fashion community takes itself a little too seriously. We should all be able to have a little more fun in life!” I think that is a great quote that everyone should read. Even though fashion can be very serious at times,  it’s important to remember to have fun and enjoy every single thing you do. Betsey Johnson definitely seems to love life and certainty never takes herself too seriously.

We are expanding!

As Uniqlo being our client, on my side of things I am exploring how my client is expanding, what is the future for their dominating social groups and their target market. We are here to see who is dedicating their lives to shopping with us and if we should keep marketing ourselves as this “fast fashion company” that we seem to put out as. Finding this article was a blessing, because Uniqlo has expanding to California where we know everyone who is everyone lives.. breathes.. fashion!

“It’s a global shopping center from both the brands [housed here] and where customers come from, so we felt it was an appropriate place to start our Southern California launch.” So we are not only just a shopping brand, we are a global one which sets us aside from the competitors.. but our dominating social groups are those on the go, those who want to wearing comfortable clothing but still have a sense of sassyyyyyy! Who would not want that, visit the Cali store and you not only get some great clothing but you get a sun tan!

Like they say in the article “SoCAL” The younger generation is going to eat this up,

“Uniqlo represents style, quality and fun,” says the vice president of Disney who is now partnered up with them! Younger generation as mentioned before, they are the now, they are here to stay because with prices and clothing like this, college students will eat this up! I sure would!

Urban Outfitters Has More Bad Press…SHOCKING

Once again, Urban Outfitters is in the press with another negative story. While this one isn’t about controversial garments, it isn’t helping their image whatsoever. Urban chief admin officer has claimed to Wall Street analysts that Urban Outfitters was the biggest retailer for vinyl records. Which record label execs are quickly negating publicly. Amazon is the largest retailer for vinyl records holding about 12.3% of the market share while Urban holds only 8%. While the two retailers aren’t off by much, the fact that Urban is repeatedly in the press for false claims, and countless controversies isn’t helping their already failing credibility.

What I find most interesting is that for every single bad publicity moment Urban has had within the last 3 years, I can’t seem to find one legitimate apology, or press article about something positive happening in regards to the brand.

Hopefully their PR team is currently being fired and replaced by a powerhouse. They need someone like Kelly Cutrone (Peoples Revolution) to give them some brutal honesty and help their image turn around.

Less Street, More Sophistication at Givenchy

Last year’s Givenchy show brought the heat during the Paris Fashion Week. The overall collection had a very elegant, sophisticated look but still had the touch of the designer, Ricardo Tisci. The prints on the designs are very feminine ranging from butterflies, leopard spots, and serpent skin. Many of the models walked down in knee-length fluttery skirts posting the main look of the entire show. As my group said in our Zeigeist map, the Kardashian’s have been a top icon for the designer, having Kendall Jenner model in the show and Kanye West (Kim Kardashian’s husband) sit front seat at the show. I wonder if the Kardashian’s will be in the front row supporting the designer’s designs this year!

A Theatrical But Less Bold Alexander McQueen

A recent runway show in Paris, France, displayed a different scene that a typical Alexander McQueen fashion show.  Sarah Burton, who took over McQueen’s company, had a strict vision in mind for how she wanted the show to run.  But, this collection, according to viewers, felt both closer and further away from the work McQueen produced during his lifetime.  Rather than the deigns being very structured, Burton’s designs were much more “forgiving”, yet still theatrical and high fashion.  Her personal finishing touches made the designs her own, while still relating them back to the original McQueen ideas.  Although her touches were nice, the show was still missing something.  Some say it was missing the “danger” McQueen always put into the shows, or the lack of vigor.  All in all, viewers thought it was a good show, just not up to McQueen standards.