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The Handknitting Association of Iceland has issued a statement regarding a ‘lopapeysa’ sweater given to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel by Minister of Industry and Commerce Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir yesterday.

Source: Minister Gives Mayor Icelandic Sweater Made in China | Iceland Review



Donald Drumpf for President: America, Is This a Joke? | Opinion| BoF

Here´s an interesting –and previously unthought of– vantage point on the “World of Fashion.” (I haven’t even created a “politics” category until now…)

Donald Drumpf is turning the American political process into a reality show, and forgetting that thriving industries in the US like fashion are built in no small part by the work of immigrants and their offspring, writes BoF’s Imran Amed.

Source: Donald Drumpf for President: America, Is This a Joke? | Opinion, Right Brain, Left Brain | BoF

Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry

Here’s an interesting view into the “Western”/”Non-western” discussion opened up by our reading of Sandra Niessen and will be good for our sub-theme of “fashion worlds” this term. It’s worth considering how the cultural aspect of “tradition” and “custom” colors our view of society’s that are foreign to us. Think about a custom or tradition that you adhere to that might seem completely “foreign” to someone from elsewhere. (What might that be?)

Muslim fashion designers reflect on a rapidly growing industry.

Source: Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry – Al Jazeera English

Alta Moda’s Luxurious Fashion Show – The New Yorker

Here is side of the “fashion world” that is rather different from the one in my last post. How is it that these two worlds can be the same place? (Can they?)

On the Italian Riviera, Dolce & Gabbana’s wealthiest clients dance, drink, and compete to buy couture.

Source: Alta Moda’s Luxurious Fashion Show – The New Yorker

Korean Tailors Try To Keep The Lunar New Year Hanbok Ritual Alive

Korean Hanbok
This is very interesting. The Korean government put a lot of support behind the use and publicizing of the hanbok after the Korean economic collapse in 1997. The Icelandic government supported the groundswell of interest in national dress a few years later. Then after the economic collapse in Iceland a grassroots increase of its own appeared.
Now Korea seems to be running out of steam. Is this not sustainable without official support?
(I’m not saying that the Icelandic and the Korean shifts are in any way related or for the same reasons, b.t.w. Just the timeframe… Let’s see where Iceland is in 4-5 years?)

Seems in fact that the Korean hanbok is now shifting into a similar cultural space as that occupied by any of the five Icelandic costumes:

“‘Young couples today in Korea are not having as many children, so when they all get together for traditional holidays, those gatherings are very small,” Kim says. “They don’t try to keep their traditions strictly by wearing hanbok.’

Kim adds that the cost of the custom-made outfits, which can run as high as several thousand dollars, has forced many families to scale back from making annual hanbok purchases.”

Link to article on NPR Korean Tailors Try To Keep The Lunar New Year Hanbok Ritual Alive : Code Switch : NPR.

Zeitgeist Map

The Zeitgeist Map is a great tool that shows everything in one big picture. Following fashion closely while using the map would definitely show connections between pieces and how (at times insignificant pieces) influence and direct the big picture. I’m excited to see the different thoughts, ideas, and visions that will come forth after filling out the map. There won’t be a right or wrong answer; it’s all-subjective and like Dr. Aspelund said “fashion where, when, why” (something like that).

It would be interesting to fill out the map keeping in mind different cities and countries. How much will it tell us about the chosen country? Generational shift influences fashion, but does it go both ways? If so, to what extend? How does the rise in popularity of mini skirts (classic example), influence high school kids? Is that generational shift as true in Iceland as at it in the US? I think the map could answer a lot of questions.

Jimmy Choo Unveils New Store Concept (WWD 04.15.2014)

 Jimmy Choo has chosen its Beverly Hills boutique on Rodeo Drive — a store that reflects its history as a go-to for footwear on the red carpet

Jimmy Choo is introducing a new retail design concept (created by David Collins Studio) to feel like a “fantasy closet”. Colors will include “pale chevron-patterned floors, satin gold and rose marble fittings and mink velvet soft furnishings”. Every girl’s dream, right? A closet full of shoes, comparable to Carrie Bradshaw. Chief executive officer Pierre Denis, describes the change as a step forward in the luxury brand by making the store feel like home, in quite an exciting place. The new store design will continue to roll over a number of different already existing boutiques, including the Bond Street store in London.

Not only will the Beverly Hill store change over to this “fantasy closet,” but it will also mark the debut of Jimmy Choo’s Made to Order service. Through this service, customers can choose designs from a selection of four shoe families. This option brings something more intimate to their customers. On top of changing the look, the Beverly Hills store will also carry Jimmy Choo’s full men’s and women’s collections of shoes and accessories.

Jimmy Choo is continuing to expand, as the label will open new North American stores in Waikiki, Hawaii and its first store in Toronto, Canada.

This article goes along with our Shanghai Tang discussion. Although Jimmy Choo is already a known brand, they are actually taking a step beyond their other luxury competition. Luxury brands are known to create such a personal experience for each of their customers, and by creating this “fantasy closet” and doing a made to order service, Jimmy Choo stands out. Our talk with Shanghai Tang was centered around standing out, yet making those who are not familiar with this oriental style, feel comfortable as the brand continues to expand and jump into different markets.