An Inside Look At StyleWeek Northeast

Hey! It’s our neighborhood! (Our “here” our “now”!!)

Providence, Rhode Island is home to an amazing style scene that culminates in StyleWeek Northeast—and these five rising fashion brands.

Source: An Inside Look At StyleWeek Northeast – Forbes


The 20 Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers Right Now

Link to article: The 20 Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers Right Now – Fashionista.

Just in time for our “how does fashion move (here)” discussion!

What I find especially interesting is how they determine their ranking in making these bloggers the “most influential in the world” (the world!)

They considered:

  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest followers, as well as website traffic. These numbers gave us a snapshot of how many people these bloggers are reaching every day.
  • Brand extensions. We gave props to bloggers who have used their influence to create original products.
  • It factor. We talked to industry insiders about whom advertisers are loving right now, and who is moving the most products via affiliate links.
  • Google News searches. Headline makers were rewarded for extending their reach beyond their own network.

Notice how all the influence (except #3 “It Factor”) is measured in Internet traffic and positioning. Not that that is in any way odd – these are after all bloggers, but the complete absence of overlap with any other media is significant, especially coming directly out of a McLuhan lecture…

I would also wonder about the preponderance of Los Angeles-based bloggers. If it isn’t just bias on the behalf of the Fashionista editors (and it might well be, but how to determine this?) then what does that mean?