Disco 2015: Pulp’s charity-shop chic is back | Fashion | The Guardian

Here’s something I haven’t seen before: Not “retro,” not “revival,” not “the ’70’s are back, or the 90’s are back” but “The ’70’s as seen by the 90’s” (or something like that.) In other words, if you needed further proof that the whole thing is disappearing into ever increasing circles inside itself…. look no further.
Link: Disco 2015: Pulp’s charity-shop chic is back | Fashion | The Guardian.

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My end of term paper will focus on the celebrity effect in the media. One world that I will be focusing on is obviously the world of celebrities as well as the world of pop culture. These two worlds play a huge roll in my analysis simply because they are the focus of my paper and it will be interesting to see how celebrities effect the fashion world in such a huge way. Another important world that I will be focusing on is the world of technology. What I mean by this is smart phones (apps such as instagram, twitter), the internet (computers) and so on. The world of technology plays a huge roll in my research because if it were not for technology, how would the world be able to see and even copy what celebrities are doing and more importantly, wearing.

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My End of Term paper is examining the world of the nouveau riche and their obsession with showing off their wealth.  They are label and logo obsessed.  The worlds I will be focusing on are the luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Versace.  Another world that has beckoned my attention is the music industry, specifically artists who are in the pop, hip hop and rap communities.  One artist in particular is named Riff Raff who has an EXPLICIT song called Dolce & Gabbana, where he references the aforementioned brand as well as lyrics such as “Fendi on my braids” and “Suit made by Cavali.”  Other artists of interest  include Gucci Mane, Kreyshawn with her song Gucci, with lyrics such as “Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada” and Iggy Azalea and her song Work which mentions Louboutins.

Gucci_Mane_The_Gucci_Collection-front-large 1350012517_KreayshawnVideo iggy-azalea-work-look-4ariff raff

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My end of term paper will focus on luxury brands such as Louie Vuitton and other brands like it, comparing it to brands that advertise themselves as luxury brands (Coach, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs etc.) but really aren’t or perhaps once were but have now given into high demand and watered themselves down in order to be attainable to the masses rather than be exclusive to a few. I will be looking focusing more on two socio-economic classes one being the middle class which has a lot of influence on how these brands have evolved, even how higher end (pricier) brands have decided to take their brands. The world of luxury, leather, social media, designers, Reality T.V, Corporate marketing, to name a few. I think I can even look at most females on campus who wear the same brands more out of popularity & quality rather than exclusivity.

PoMo & (Re)structuring

For my EOT paper I’m choosing to focus on the Middle Eastern people and their use of luxury brands. Because I cannot go to the Middle East in order to observe I have to do my best from here in RI. My research will take me into many “worlds” especially because I will have to focus mainly on media in order to make my observations. Here are a few of the worlds I plan to enter:

The world of: video bloggers, fashion bloggers, social media, luxury, authenticity, advertisement, (possibly) censorship, conservative dress, entertainment and perceived western culture. I am sure there are many many more that I will come across.

keeping-up-with-the-kattans-diva-magazine-001 Dalalid-Headscarf Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.02.14 AM

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My final project is based on fashion vloggers and fashion content producers on YouTube.  This topic is very interesting to me because these people on YouTube have turned this fairly new media outlet into a significant source of income and influential power.  I’m looking into the world of fashion vlogs and content on YouTube to see what it takes to make it in this world.  Often times these YouTuber’s will collaborate with designers or release product ranges of their own.  Another very normal occurrence is that they’ll be sponsored by brands to feature their products in video like “GRWM” (get ready with me), hauls, and styling videos.  I’ve linked to some videos showing some fashion YouTubers that have been compensated for featuring a brands products so that you guys can check out the kind of dynamic that takes place in those types of videos.

My goal in this paper is to try and discover what a brand would be looking for in a YouTuber to sell their product.  I wonder what what makes them successful and what makes them appeal enough to an audience to become influencers in the industry.  The world of fashion vlogging and fashion content on YouTube overlaps with so many other worlds and yet each content creator in this world is different from one another.  One of the important parts of building yourself on a platform like YouTube is being original so while the content may be similar between channels the successful one rely more on the individual presenting the content.

PoMo & (Re)structuring

For my final paper, I chose to write about something that is getting more popular by the day and is taking over the fashion industry: fashion blogging. When thinking about fashion blogs, I can see four different types of blogs, or “worlds”. The four types of fashion blogs that I will focus on are ones about celebrity fashion, do-it-yourself fashion blogs, ones that focus on news and trends, and blogs that focus on outfit inspiration. 





For my paper I will be focusing on how women use handbags made out of luxury materials as status symbols. In our society it is considered inappropriate to discuss wealth and class. So instead of having titles or division amongst the classes we use materialistic symbols to display our wealth and status to others. We use this concept not only around strangers but amongst our family and friends as well. For example, when a woman is asked about her handbag and responds that it is made of Italian leather it communications that the bag was very expensive. This is because it is very well-known that Italian leather is extremely luxurious and the highest quality leather. The worlds that are involved in the creation of this strategy would be celebrities, the upper wealthy, and the hierarchy of designers. The hierarchy of designers would be the placement of certain more luxurious brands over others. For example, Chanel is above Gucci which is above Coach.

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The focus that I have chosen for my project is on major fashion events, specifically Paris Fashion Weeks.  Here I will be taking a critical look at certain designers, celebrities and in general those who are involved in media.  I feel that overall from the inclusion of celebrity clothing lines anywhere from, traditionally non designers such as Kanye West, into casual athletic wear brands such as Adidas all the way to having Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walking down the Valentino runway during Paris fashion week this year all have subtle yet profound effects on the way that we view high fashion and events like this.  Personally I feel that this takes the focus not necessarily from the designer themselves, as for example everyone knows who Valentino is, but more in a direction that targets media directly and has a purpose that seems to want attention.  If Paris fashion week was like it was at the turn of the century when Couture was at its peak, it would have been only the clothing that would have been important to a limited number of people.  With the inclusion of celebrities into the world of high fashion, I feel that high fashion designers are able to reach a broader audience with the help of mass media devices and modern technology, and thus are not only breaking up such major events, but are allowing all to see them.  And does this help or hinder designers in their quest to stay relevant in the industry?  It can only be certain that it certainly draws attention to these events that are becoming increasingly available for viewing in all parts of the world.


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My paper will be dealing with how clothing/sports brands such as Nike and Adidas use Professional athletic icons to increase sales and popularity.  Many worlds go into this study.  The world of athletes, The world of competitive sports brands, The world of icons and sponsorships, the world of media and advertisements etc. Demographics may vary depending on the fans of these athletes that the brands use to promote the logo and brand. They use these athletes in advertisements on TV, in magazines and on the windows of their stores all decked out in the company’s apparel and logos. The athletes also agree to wear the brands clothing when playing sports.  Fans of these athletes that copy them and their attire and brands, may be of rich or poor standing as well as of all different nationalities although the majority reside in the USA.  These are the people that Nike and Adidas are reeling in by using their idols through sponsorships.  Sponsorships like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy that Nike uses, probably gains sales through upper middle class or rich fans of these athletes since Golf is an upscale and expensive sport to play.  White and black demographic fans get attracted through basketball sponsors like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. The demographics of fans of athletes that these company’s use are very broad and hard to narrow down.  the main world that these company’s use to promote their sponsorships and really gain the business of the fans is through advert advertising with logos on the athletes and their uniforms.  adidas1 ROGER NIKE Tiger-Woods-001