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Save for exceptions like Gucci, Fendi, Damir Doma and Giorgio Armani, most of the labels showing at Milan men’s fashion week ditched creation for product design.

Source: Creation, or Just More Product? | Fashion Show Review, Multiple, Menswear – Spring 2017 | BoF


Heroes of 2014: Karl Stefanovic, the TV anchor who wore the same suit for a year

An amazing example of the different standard for men and women in the public eye.

Heroes of 2014: Karl Stefanovic, the TV anchor who wore the same suit for a year | Gaby Hinsliff | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Met Gala 2014: A White Tie Affair

The annual Costume Institute’s Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is notorious for implying a strict, themed dress code for all of its exclusive attendees. This year was a little different, however, for the men attending the gala were not asked to adorn themselves in their typical Black Tie attire–they were, instead, asked to channel some first-half-of-the-century nostalgia with classic White Tie, Charles James-esque ensembles. Though sometimes prevalent for certain events in the UK, it is not very common for men to dress in White Tie attire in the US, making it difficult, yet fun for the male attendees to be able to dress outside the norm for once. White Tie is a timeless and tasteful form of dress, and those men attending the party were given the opportunity to mix up their usual evening wear, instead wearing tailcoats and adorning canes and top hats. This important, stylish event could foreshadow new trends in menswear, and even womenswear fashions for upcoming seasons.

Sign of the Times: To Have and To Hold

Men’s fashion is very intriguing, as we have brought up in class multiple times.  This was what original caught my eye with this article.  It is an article about briefcases, primarily a men’s fashion item. The article brings up a lot of points regarding the meaning of the briefcase.  It talks about it’s meaning in context of functionality, historical meaning as well as in reference to power and capitalism. The comparison to women’s bags is also brought up and how it does not share that “aesthetic” meaning in which woman’s seem to solely rely on. He refers to the woman’s as a statement bag, meaning a Hermes bag, for instance. I think he also touches on the idea of whether men’s bags do actually share this meaning when he talks about whether it is possible for a man to love his bag. This, though, is not seen as masculine idea, it’s frivolous so of course they don’t or shouldn’t. Like he says: “put away childish things.” This article I think can also carry over to comparing men’s clothing to women’s clothing. Men’s clothing is always seems go for the functional meaning rather than the romantic and frivolous one. Maybe this is why men’s fashion does not really change as rapidly as women’s does.

Ralph Lauren Taps Valerie Hermann to Head Luxe Division

This article discus’ the hiring of the new CEO, Valerie Hermann, to be in charge of the luxury brands under the Ralph Lauren Corporation. It is interesting because it states the expansion of Ralph Lauren globally and also featuring more product in his luxury brands. Hermann has an extensive resume which Lauren hopes to use as she guides his company into a more high end role within all aspect of retail. He wants to expand his brand into fine jewelry, including watches, as well as handbags retailing at $22,500. Hermann is confident that this American brand will be successful in its future stating that its elegance and appeal is recognized immediately throughout the globe.

12 Fashion Experts Look Back at the Menswear Season That Was

Fashion editors weigh in on the season. They seem to generally agree that the Italians are off their game. There seems also to be a turn toward fashions of 20 years ago. This is not unexpected, as the new crop of designers woudl have had their first fashion epiphanies in the early 90’s… (?)

12 Fashion Experts Look Back at the Menswear Season That Was – BoF – The Business of Fashion.

The Portrayal of Girl Power by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

I found this article to be interesting because it continues along the lines of menswear for women. In this particular case, the reason for the menswear inspired clothing is to show the power that women have now in today’s society. In this particular collection, there is not much evidence that would distinguish the clothing from men’s or womenswear, except for the occasional bow detail or pastel pop of color. It is interesting to think that this could be the result of women wanting to be treated equal to men, but does that necessarily mean that we want to dress like men too? I think it will be interesting to see if the menswear inspired clothing sticks around or has a short lifespan.

The Spotlight- Pieter

The Spotlight- Pieter

This post was interesting to me because Pieter is creating a collection for men that shows has some styles of women’s clothing, though still remaining very masculine. The 10 look menswear collection features dresses and skirts for men, which is intended for everyday workwear. This collection is interesting to me because i’ve grown up noticing that there are so many options for women to wear menswear, but it is very difficult for men to find very many options that they too can wear in womenswear. This now gives options for men to wear skirts and dresses, that are actually made for men, and they don’t have to buy them out of the women’s section. The clothing has the women’s look, but is still giving the masculinity to the men who are wearing the items.