Uniqlo Tweaks “Made for All” to Give U.S. Shoppers a 3-D Fit

Uniqlo Tweaks “Made for All” to Give U.S. Shoppers a 3-D Fit

This article reminds me a lot of our group projects in class. It talks about how an apparel company in Tokyo, Japan  (Uniqlo) is wanting  to expand their sales by expanding their consumers. They are looking to create clothes that can fit Americans, kind of like an H&M. According to Reuters, success in the American market is vital for their fast retailing kind of like H&M plan. 

From Pitti to Paris, Men are the New Women.

From Pitti to Paris, Men are the New Women.

I stumbled across this article titled ‘From Pitti to Paris, Men are the New Women’.This doesn’t mean that  all the roles have switched and women are the new men or that we are the new dominating gender. It simply means that a lot of the focus when it comes to fashion and apparel are geared towards men these days. According to Imran Amed, ‘The luxury menswear market is growing at almost 14 percent per year, outpacing growth in women’s wear by almost double.’ Ladies should we be worried or are you glad that a little  bit of pressure is off of us? I’m not sure how I feel about this, but click the link for the full article. 

“SJP Shoe Line Gets Social Media Push”

As I was scrolling down trying to find an interesting article, the Sarah Jessica Parker article caught my eye. Thanks to the show and movies “Sex and the City” Sarah Jessica Parker or known to many as “Carrie Bradshaw” will always be a fashion icon in my eyes which is what drew me in to this article. As many know in the show Carrie Bradshaw was shoe obsessed. She would be scrounging for change to do her laundry, but would still be wearing Manolo Blahniks. I think her starting a shoe line would be really successful because many people associate her as having great high end shoes. Her shoe line is going to be launched in Nordstrom this Friday and although she is going to use other social media channels to promote her new shoe lie, she is mostly going to be focused on Pinterest. There will be a dedicated Pinterest board for her shoe line that will contain product images, Place Pins for suggested stops in cities where Parker is promoting the brand and shoe recommendations for each city. With Nordstrom’s 4.4 millions of followers and the Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker fan base, I think that this shoe line will be a great success. 



The China Edit/Espirt Streotypes Debunked, Luxury Agents and Tourists

            Everyone thinks that there is nothing but growth in China however; this article sheds light on the realties of the situation. Just because they are a developing economy doesn’t mean that they are necessary experiencing constant increase in their economy.  Espirt Holding Ltd is a retailer in China (the 2nd largest economy) and is going through recent troubles, with stalled sales, and high rents. 

             Common misconceptions about China’s Luxury consumers are online agents cut luxury bills for Chinese Buyers; Want to sell luxury Handbags to Chinese Tourists? /open more stores in Paris? An example is a women making $2,500/month as an office worker spends almost 10-15 times that on luxury goods. Although there is an increase in luxury goods being consumed, customers are going into debt to keep up with this high-end label phenomenon.

            Yet, there are Chinese that are making a lot more money from higher value added jobs who actually are spending. They reported that as the Chinese traveled to France in the past year they spend $8.000, up 11% from last year. Either way, Chinese consumers are buying luxury goods if they can afford it or not. This makes China the optimal place for luxury brands to conduct business.



Can Ferragamo Make a Success of Clothes? NYTimes (02.24.2014)

“The difference today is that we have our shops to fill. Before we had to sell things to stores” – Diego Della Valle: president and chief executive of the Tod empire

Designer Massimiliano Giornetti showed the autumn/winter 2014 Ferragamo line in Milan with tailored and specially crafted clothing. Everyone knows Ferragamo to be a fabulous shoe designer, however, this fashion show exposed new clothing to “complete the story” of the brand. Fifty historic shoes can be found in the Florentine museum (which I was lucky enough to visit and learn about). Moving forward, designer Giornetti focused on misty grays and whites for the tailored clothing, along with textures of furry mohair sweaters and even some garments which looked to be splatter-painted. The footwear was still prominent, but this shift can be a hit or miss for Ferragamo, known solely for shoes. Even the menswear focused on tough biker ensembles. The article continues to compare other big designers known for just handbags, for instance, and how they are changing as well. I thought this article was interesting and beyond relevant to our zeitgeist presentations and counterarguments. The Chanel group posed an example of Chanel changing its exclusivity, which could go along the lines of Ferragamo’s changes. Designers are trying to keep up with the economy and consumers needs. As stated above, the need to fill their own stores causes an issue, compared to before when they would choose certain items for other stores.



5 Stereotypes About Chinese Luxury Consumers Debunked

5 Stereotypes About Chinese Luxury Consumers Debunked

Here’s an Interesting piece  written by Timothy Parent, addressing five negative stereotypes  about Chinese Luxury.The author focuses heavily on the first stereotype which is; China carries a long reputation for producing  cheap, low quality and knockoff goods. The stereotype implies that consumers worry they are purchasing a low quality or knock-off version. According to Parent, the suspicion has resulted in consumers keeping an eye out  to differentiate the qualities. It turns out that low quality and cheapness certainly isn’t practice in the production of their luxurious brands. Check out the  link for more on the debunked stereotypes about Chinese luxurious fashion…


Abercrombie & Fitch Faces Board Fight


A&F quarter sales has fallen 12% and during Christmas season revenue fell 6%, they’re losing out to other teen retailer competitors. Right now A&F are proposing adding new 5 member to their board, people who have fresh ideas and help compete with other shops. A&F has faced numerous scandals about the way they carry their brand.

The Right Way to Wear ‘Mom Jeans’ (For Real)


This article talks about how “mom jeans” are back in style and its gives you some ways you can where it

for the style or look of now.  I thought this was interesting because it reminded me of the discussion we had in

class about certain fashion looks that are coming back out.

Even though jeans are some what a classic there are certain types of jeans that can go out of style for example these

“mom jean” or “bell bottoms”.  I feel it does not matter what kind of pants, shirt, or skirt it is you wear; what matters is

how you wear it that makes it acceptable or wearable to the style of now.