One moment in my life where felt a sense of “uncanniness” was when I first starting living abroad in Florence, Italy.  Every part of my day to day life had changed and the culture was all new to me.  Interacting with others that spoke a different language was an adjustment within itself.  It was not until I started working over there  when  I started to feel at ease.  I fully immersed myself in the Italian culture and begin to understand the language piece by piece.  Those first moments of uncertainty helped me become a stronger  person and grow as an individual.


Fashion in Media

In today’s day and age, media has such a strong influence on fashion.  We are inendated  with images of celebrities and socialites wearing the latest styles and trends.  Social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all show us what is “hot” in fashion.  I know myself as well as others follow celebrities that we feel are style icons on social media to see what they will wear next.  Examples of this are: the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, etc.  Some of these icons even have their own apps in which they give people advice on what to wear, how to do one’s makeup, and even how to act in today’s society.  These people’s influence directly effects the fashion market and consumer’s demands.  Examples of this are shown below where consumers try to replicate what the celebs are wearing.m_5611d27d620ff76c8200540fkendall-look-450x600

Zeitgeist Analysis

When I was first completing the Zeitgeist worksheet, I wasn’t quite sure where to begin.  To zero in on the specifics of “our time” was not the easiest of tasks. I started with the topics that seemed easier to complete such as celebrity icons and technologies.  Then I filled out the economics, politics, and some of the more generic sections. Some sections that I thought were challenging were: the bohemian element and the trend market scheme.  Overall,  I feel the “spirit of our time” cannot be easily expressed and how through taking this course I will learn more about zeitgeist and how its developed over time.  Also, while taking this course I hope to become a better analyst and really see how fashion is portrayed in our world today.