Last spring I got the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. Going into it I know that there was going to be some cultural differences with the way of life but what stood out to me was the way of dress. You could easily spot an American student in the streets and even I could recognize it. Sometimes going to class I wouldn’t dress up as much but wearing yoga pants or sweatpants I felt that I stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone would be particularly dressed up and I felt uncomfortable or that people could tell I was American and I wanted to go home and change. I had a familiar feeling when it started to become warmer. In the states especially New England the moment it becomes a little warmer it is not uncommon to see someone dressed in shorts and flip flops but that was not the case in Florence. I found myself walking around in flip flops and the person walking next to me was wearing a puffy winter coat. I became aware of these differences and wanted to adapt to my surroundings and that is what I did.


Fashion in Media

I am one to admit that I follow all different kinds of media locally and globally that falls into the category of world of fashion. Right now instagram is something that I am always looking at, who is wearing what or what is the next thing to own. Also now snap chat has fashion icons posted all over it with new stories following fashion shows, models or the newest shocking outfit that Kim Kardashian is wearing. Right now you see a lot of the same people like the Kardashian/Jenner family, Gigi & Bella Hadid or you see people on instagram who have climbed the instagram chain and have thousands of followers seeing what they wear, what makeup there using, ect. In a way I like how the media exploits the world of fashion, we get to see everything right when it is happening and get jump on the trend. Having all the advertisement on social media I think helps bloggers or fashion designers because it can help future transactions, it brings a lot of brand awareness. Social media is the best thing someone in the fashion world could invest there time or money on right noe. Because of where or generation is right now it revolves around the internet and the popular apps such as Instagram, twitter or snap chat. The concept at times can be controlling in our lives, we all think we need all of these things even they are absurd just because someone famous has it. I do think different media sources represent different worlds, even peoples separate instagram accounts show a different side of fashion world because each person has their own take on fashion and ideas.

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Zeitgeist Analysis..

My initial thoughts while analyzing the zeitgeist, is that our time revolves around a lot of unknowns. I found myself being able to come up with answers for previous times but was left thinking hard about our time, that our time does not have a so obvious signature style. Realizing that what use to make fashion move isn’t the case now and that intrigues me. Even though we go through more fads but never can pinpoint something that is essential to us. It could be that we are not paying enough attention and more living in the past. However that is something that I admire about “our time”, we don’t have a specific style but that we combine past fashions to make it our own. We need to start accepting the change that comes into the fashion world and not believing that fashion is dead. I think with the zeitgeist analysis I believe and am excited to learn what really is our signature look. It is exciting to go in depth in each aspect as what makes the fashion world go around.