One time I felt out of place was when I was in the URI business school and there were business seminars held in Ballantine. I was only a freshman and I did not have business wear to wear to the event. I forget what I was wearing but everyone was dressed to the nines! I felt really out of place because it was my first time being in a business formal situation. I must have been wearing business casual. I felt extremely out of place as well as intimidated. I dealt with it by just listening and trying not to pay attention to what everyone else was wearing. I conclude that if you are surrounded by people unexpectedly dressed to the nines in business formal as freshman it is pretty intimidating.


The world of fashion is found in cosmopolitan areas, in cities, and near cities. Fashion is in tv, Instagram, magazines, look books, stores, and on the “it” girl. Different medias may present different fashion world such as street fashion or the red carpet. Some of these different types of media tell you what to buyIMG_0517.JPG

Initial Zeitgeist Thoughts

My initial thoughts are in the Zeitgeist map, media is a very large part of areas 3A and 3B. I am beginning to discover there are more factors to examine than I initially realized. It is obvious that generational shifts play a major part in fashion. “Fashion is dead” is one of the dominating attitudes of this time and it would be interesting to explore that idea more.