Out of Place…

A time when I through fashion felt like I was “in the wrong place” was this summer; I completed a summer session program in Lyon, France.  It was during the last week of the session, the program coordinator made reservations for our last dinner celebration.  I dressed very casual that day, especially because I wasn’t feeling well; I woke up with an allergic reaction that swelled my face (great way to celebrate, right!?). When we arrived to the restaurant, I noticed that I was “underdressed”; it definitely made me feel uncomfortable. I prefer being overdressed than to be underdressed. When getting dressed the day of the dinner, I remember thinking about a business cocktail party we attended earlier that week. I noticed that it was casual attire so I thought “maybe no one will ‘dress up” for dinner then. It’s sad to say that I let myself feel “out of place” instead of being in the moment and enjoying the night I was too worried about the way I looked.


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