Uncanniness through fashion

Over the previous spring semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy and it was the most incredible experience.  However, I really did feel a bit like an outsider when it came to fashion.  It was always so easy to spot an American student, just based on choice of dress.  When the weather started to get warm, I was ready to put on my shorts and tank tops, but that was not the case for residents.  There were multiple times I would walk out of my apartment in a sun dress or a tank top, but everyone else was still in winter coats.  I felt so out of place and felt the need to go change and cover up.  When I am in the states, any time the sun is out I am ready to take off layers of clothing because I think that means summer time.  But was definitely not the case in Italy.  Locals were in warm coats until about May and every American student was in their t-shirts and shorts.  It was a huge culture difference and really made me feel like I stood out and was doing something wrong.  I tried my best to dress more like those around me to make sure I did not stand out as much.  I really wanted to “look the part” and make sure I was fitting in with the culture.


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