Feeling “Uncanny”

A time that I felt as though I was “in the wrong place” or “out of place” though fashion was during my five week program in Israel. We had been driving across the country stopping in different area to see different historical buildings, landmarks, and hike. One morning we stopped in Jerusalem which is considered one of the most religious regions of the country. Due to being on our way to a hike after our quick detour we were all dressed in athletic shorts, t-shirts, and hiking boots. Since Jerusalem is a religious area the “appropriate” attire for young women is not one where others can see the majority of their legs and arms. As we all piled out of the bus we received unsatisfied looks from onlookers (specifically the men). Although this occurred when I was sixteen I still recall the exact looks that we received at twenty two. They did not approve of the clothing that we had on. We were told that we needed to cover up our legs due to the area and different locations we were going to see. Even though it was extremely hot out all of the girls pulled either pants or long skirts over their shorts and covered out shoulders with a shall making sure that we were covered. Although the guys on our trip were also dressed in shirts and t-shirts they did not have to change their attire, only the girls. This was the first time that I had experienced being “out of place” and needed to change my attire die to where I was.


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