The Spectacle of The Insta-World

Debord says in section 4. of the reading ” the spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by image.” This part is saying we understand fashion throw images. In “our time” this plays into the media and how we view things. We can just search anywhere in the world on the internet and it will take us to a series of images. We physically don’t have to go there to get the experience we can experience it through bloggers on the internet. Debord also says in section 12. ” That which appears is good, that which is good appears.” For example the vlogger/model Alexis Ren and her vlogger/model boyfriend Jay alvarrez post images and videos together of there adventures around the world.


This couple appears to be “good” by the way they portray there relationship on social media. What they write as there captions to pictures with eachother tells a read they are “good” and know one questions it. But not everything you see on social media is “good” even when it appears good. People believe this couple to be “perfect” based on how they act on social media to one and other. There is more to it than just this is that and that is this. There is the questions what, why, how that play into “our time” and how the spectacle of the world hasn’t changed since Debord first explains it. It shifts with new technology changes and having it being a different time. But the way the mind works is still the same on perception of things. We see something like a couple picture or video of them and automatically think “how cute” but this is what they are trying to display this idea of “that which appears is good, that which is good appears.” Which if you look beneath it it’s just a lie. This is how social media like instagram plays a big part during “our time” to show us the spectacle isn’t always just how it is seen on a screen.


( this is a picture on Jays Instagram with a caption showing off there relationship and how he wants people to view it by writing: “She thought i forgot valentine’s day… shoulda seen the look on her face”.)


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