Is Media the New Black?

Social Media is EVERYTHING in 2016. It is the resource for gossip, announcements, fitness, food, and most important fashion. One of the biggest source is Instagram. Someone’s outfit is on display in every photo whether it be directly related or not. The viewers might not immediately mentally remember the video for the clothes but subconsciously they do. However it is not uncommon for people to re-create looks found on Instagram. Icons like the Kardashian Klan, Selena Gomez and Blake Lively are constantly being looked at for fashion inspiration. Some stores even market their clothes with a picture of a celebrity wearing a similar one. Here is an example.


The “World of Fashion” is a BOLD term to use. There are countless area’s of the world where fashion means something different. Instagram gives every aspect of those area’s depending on where you look. Someone following people like the Kardashians are going to see high end designers and not realistic everyday outfits. Yet we are regular people are able to pull bits and pieces of their luxurious life into ours. A perfect example is shown above. You might not necessarily wear it the way Kylie did but you are able to incorporate it into a more casual ensemble.



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