Where do you see “the Spectacle” in your own surroundings and experience?

There is clearly Debord’s Spectacle in today’s society regardless of where you are. As discussed prior, each person will have a different spectacle because each place varies greatly. Every single person you encounter in the world is involved in your spectacle because it helps shape your own, just as you may be involved in other’s spectacles. I think a perfect example of this is college students, not the campus necessarily, but where each person is originally from. Everyone comes together each Fall and Spring semester with different trends that are popular in their hometowns and different styles that they may have picked up on their family vacation. The key part is that when everyone returns with their different spectacles, it forms one large spectacle. For example when i traveled to Paris about a year ago one thing that was largely noticed by my sister and I was that everywhere we went, regardless of the time of day, every single person was dressed up. We thought this was so fascinating because usually everyone in America takes to the casual side of things. So when we returned, my sister and I without even noticing it really started dressing up for everyday things. Now my spectacle on this situation, may be different than another persons at URI. When you intertwine the two spectacles, whether it be in class or having a general discussion you are more open to combining the two views. I never really thought of this view on spectacles prior to this class, but now I find it extremely interesting to look at and think about.


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