“the Spectacle”

I believe there is not one true definition of a  “spectacle” because it will vary among the different environments you are placed in. The idea of a “spectacle” is all a reflection of your surroundings so it varies. A majority of our time is spent through a screen of some sorta looking into someone else’s world or moment in their life. Social media plays a huge role in things we do and things we wear. Which has an impact on the world of fashion because it is always evolving and has to keep up as well as create the next big thing. But it also has made a “copy cat” era where everyone is creating the same looks, using the same fabrics/colors/patterns. This is a lost of uniqueness and creativity to an extent. In the efforts of being “the spectacle” the one to stand out, we all seem to mimic the same look making it harder to dustings what is the “spectacle”. Unless there is a far extreme of the norm.


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