The “Spectacle” & Fashion

Social media is something, in todays society, that influences the majority of consumers lifestyle choices. When I think about my group of friends, who all love fashion and shopping, they are constantly shopping online or keeping up to date with the latest trends through things like Instagram and Pinterest. Stalking celebrity pages to see what they’re wearing and doing for the latest trends. Consumers, particularly women, are influenced by celebrity fashions on Instagram and left feeling insecure compared to these online gorgeous models. When these young women see posts by celebrities or fashion bloggers they want to purchase the things that these celebrities are wearing. An example I see at URI is the new trend on fake eyelashes, it started out that just celebrities on Instagram or television were wearing them. But more and more of my friends are getting eyelash extensions in order to keep up with this trend and look more like these fake online Instagramer’s. I believe through the creation of Instagram consumers are now purchasing and following fashion trends of celebrities and Instagram models, that they would not purchase without the popularity and influence of Instagram.


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