Renovation of Our “Spectacle”

“In societies where modern conditions of production fail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into representation.” 

As Debord already claimed, “life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles”, and I completely agree with this. Wherever we go we are surrounded by different people, different creativity, different things that will inspire us. Our “spectacles” change as we go through life. Although, when we become accustomed to one place, we begin to learn how often people look through the same spectacles and share interests. With my four years of attending URI, I have learned just that. I’ve seen a number of styles and trends multiply as time goes on, simply because one person may have admired another’s choice. For example, choker necklaces were most definitely not perceived as “stylish” or “trendy” until recently. I used to wear them when I was in the first grade, but that did not last very long. They’ve been outdated for awhile until celebrities started wearing them. Then, I noticed maybe a handful of girls wearing them to class on campus. Over the course of a few months I saw more and more girls wearing them, and I finally realized:”wow, this must actually be a thing again.” The way I interpret this epiphany I had is in somewhat of a way of me looking through someone else’s “spectacles.”


I really think about social media when I read the second part of this quote, “everything that was directly lived has moved away into representation.” Although we still admire our peers’ appearances and replicate styles and trends based off of what we see on someone else, I feel like a lot of the times people are primarily looking to social media for inspiration. Everything that used to be communicated directly is now communicated through some sort of gadget, whether it be a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc. The majority of us follow our favorite celebrities on Instagram, Twitter, whatever it may be. We rely on that portal of communication to help us decide what we like about the new fashion trends and styles that celebrities are bringing to the table. We are admiring less of the world around us and instead staring down at the cell phone we have in our hands. Everything that is inspiring to us is represented through a photo found on social media nowadays.





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