The Spectacle of Facebook

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On Facebook we are mainly just the audience, observing what other people do and letting it influence how we live our life. Looking at your Facebook feed, you are many times led to believe that ‘their’ life is a series of monumental moments and aren’t ‘they’ lucky that ‘their’ life is so amazing. Facebook, and social media platforms in general, rely on the voyeurism of the general public, it’s how their business is successful. We are encouraged to experience someone else’s supposed life through a screen instead of going out and living our own. I know of people on Facebook who never post anything on their account and sign up just so that they can observe the happenings of other people. So much of what we experience presently is through a screen, that it’s difficult for most people to go even a few moments without seeing what everyone else is doing on social media. Many people ‘have’ to stay up to date on Facebook and other social media platforms for fear they’ll miss something. What it is they’ll miss is not as important as the fact that they’re missing it.

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