The World of Fashion

Media is what makes the world of fashion easily accessible.  Currently, there are many different ways to receive wanted information. I believe the internet is one of the most popular ways people stay in tune with the world of fashion.  There is online shopping, blogging (Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) and even ads to remind customers about recent online searches. This refers to the extension of self, there are different ways of extending our senses, which then connects to the evolution of technology and how it reshaped the human experience. Also because of the easy access to the fashion world it has caused it to move at a faster pace.  In a way, all different media sources link to the same world. It just depends on who the person is and what they like. We live in a fashion world where there isn’t just one trend or style anymore but multiple fashion statements happening at the same time. The time has evolved where even what wasn’t acceptable is now a trend. For example, patched or ripped jeans (distressed) were worn by people who didn’t have money. We now spend money to get clothing with rips and holes. For example, Kylie Jenner recently posted a picture on Instagram with ‘butt slit rip jeans’ that are now available to order online. Is that a positive or negative movement? Is it possible to say that certain age groups lean towards a particular media source? The millennials are more advanced with global media because it’s easy to access.


Image result for ads on facebookAll Sizes Levis brand blue jeans high waist distressed denim WOMEN size butt slit rip jeans waist 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 34 36 38        Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg



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