Fashion in Media

As our world evolves more and more with technology it makes the world we live in a smaller place. With just a click of a button we can see what people all over the world are wearing “right now.” With social media being a main platform for people to look to for fashion, media influencers has become a growing profession. Companies pay these media influencers to promote their products on their platforms so that their followers want to purchase that item. This goes along with DeBord’s spectacle of “having,” people are fixated on having the hottest and trendiest items.

From big names like the Kardashians to some of the top fashion bloggers on the internet (and one of my personal favorites) @OhhCouture, people want what famous people have. It is a sign of status. The fashion world has geared us to think that if we buy the most fashion forward item that all of the celebrities are wearing, people will view us as more beautiful and maybe even more popular. A personal example would be Kylie Jenner wearing sued solid color nude and grey hats. Every time I see someone wearing one of those hats I instantly think of Kylie. I go back and forth if I want to purchase one for myself because I can’t decide if I want to join the trend or fight it.


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