Fashion in Media

Everyday I am constantly looking at my social media scrolling through Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, and Snapchat stories. According to McLuhan’s Global Theater we are always on and apart of what everyone is doing. Social media allows for us to connect with celebrities, models, and bloggers to see where they are and what they are wearing in the situation that they are in. I am drawn mostly to Instagram for fashion as I can follow anyone and see the change in what is being worn everyday. I not only can see what is changing for celebrities but I can also see what is being worn by my peers. Instagram gives you the opportunity to see the trickle down theory (designers to the street) to the trickle up theory (the street to designers). According to the Zeitgeist map we relate most elements of fashion to people in the media and what we see we want. This want extends to mass production of the item so that celebrities can carry a $1,500 bag and we can purchase a similar one for $40 at Zara.

I actually follow more fashion bloggers than I do celebrities and base most of my fashion off of what is being worn by bloggers. One of my favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules, even has her own clothing line that has since been picked up by Nordstrom. I like her clothing options because a lot of her stuff is actually attainable. She is sponsored by a shoe company called Soludos and after being attracted to the shoes from her posts I have purchased two pairs. A lot of celebrity styles are unattainable by non famous people so we resort to mass production but bloggers do give the opportunity to own something they are actually wearing.

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