Fashion In Media

Thinking about global and local media; some might think they are different, however thry all hold the same content.  Celebrity icons and fashion figures are the same world wide and we all have access to it.  Today, these celebrities are leading the fashion market through the media.  We all go on different social media sites, whether it be facebook, instagram, snap chat, or even twitter, we follow celebrities and fashion icons to see what they  are wearing.  We get ideas of the “latest trends” through the media’s influence.  These social media sites persuade us because we aspire to be “trendy” and “stylish” and we all resort to the media for that,

We are all playing a part, relating to McLuhan’s thought of a global theater. We wake up every morning to get dressed, and in the back of our minds we are dressing to play a part. To impress those around us, and to make ourselves feel good.  And I believe that what we decide to wear and what we decide to purchase, all is related to what we see in the media. There is not much verbal communication as there is technological communication.  We do not talk the way people used too, we hide behind our devices and use the media to express ourselves.

Then thinking back about the Zeitgeist map, I realized that almost every box I filled out was influenced by some form of media.  It is amazing to think about how the internet really has shaped our lives of fashion.


One thought on “Fashion In Media

  1. Strongly agree with the point of McLuhan’s thought on global theater and how true it is. Our generation is so revolved around the media and internet that we base a lot of our analysis back to them. Also with the point of our verbal communication lacking in our generation, even though the internet is a great source for information the lack of face to face communication might end up hurting us in the end.

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