Fashion Influence in the Media

When I look at local and global media, I see celebrities. They are the driving force of the media, and also the world of fashion. They are all over the world, and social media connects them to us. They show us what they’re wearing, what they’re using, and so on. This is the reason why so many big companies partner with big celebrities. People see their favorite celebrity using a certain product, and it makes them want to buy it. Celebrities [sadly] have so much influence over us. When discussing the Zeitgeist maps in class, most groups mentioned Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as major fashion influencers/icons today. Right now, they are atop of the “world of fashion”. Whenever they are seen wearing something, it is immediately made into fast fashion and the next thing you know, everyone is wearing some form of it [see images below]. It’s really bizarre to think that these celebrities have so much power over the world of fashion right now. Because of how much power these celebrities have, it’s inevitable that they will continue to influence our choices on the daily.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the social media sources that we forget what is actually going on around us. It is just like McLuhan’s “Extensions of Self”, where we are putting ourselves in another place when we are on social media. That is exactly what happens. Once we see a trend we like on a media source, we immediately go looking for it to purchase it because we want to be in the trend with everyone else. For example, the app Snapchat puts us right into the world of whomever we are watching at the moment. Celebrities post what they are doing that exact second, and if you follow them, you are able to see it. This access to celebrities can easily put us in another place. The example of Snapchat directly connects to McLuhan’s “Global Theater”, where we are “on” at all times and we know what everyone is doing at all times.



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