Fashion in media

Media has a direct affect on what’s going on around fashion today. The impact of media says the world of fashion is composed of what is luxurious and pricey. For example, if you’re not wearing something luxury then it’s not highlighted as much. Locally you can see the impact of this because people want to wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci because it’s a sense of high class and prestige. Personally, through media I see the nature of fashion being expensive because the more expensive it is the less attainable it is for others. Furthermore, you can see the culture of fashion being pushed by celebrities today because they are already being praised for what they do. It’s easy to say that the world of fashion is found and influenced by celebrity culture. For example, Kanye West is a celebrity that has a huge influence in fashion, anything that he wears whether it’s his collection or another designer is instantly talked about in blogs. However, different sources of media can definitely present different types of worlds in fashion. For example, what we see in a blog called Hypebeast might be expose different collections than GQ because each of their target audience is different. All in all, the world of fashion is heavily influenced by these celebrities, blogs, and the people who follow them.




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