Fashion in Media

I am one to admit that I follow all different kinds of media locally and globally that falls into the category of world of fashion. Right now instagram is something that I am always looking at, who is wearing what or what is the next thing to own. Also now snap chat has fashion icons posted all over it with new stories following fashion shows, models or the newest shocking outfit that Kim Kardashian is wearing. Right now you see a lot of the same people like the Kardashian/Jenner family, Gigi & Bella Hadid or you see people on instagram who have climbed the instagram chain and have thousands of followers seeing what they wear, what makeup there using, ect. In a way I like how the media exploits the world of fashion, we get to see everything right when it is happening and get jump on the trend. Having all the advertisement on social media I think helps bloggers or fashion designers because it can help future transactions, it brings a lot of brand awareness. Social media is the best thing someone in the fashion world could invest there time or money on right noe. Because of where or generation is right now it revolves around the internet and the popular apps such as Instagram, twitter or snap chat. The concept at times can be controlling in our lives, we all think we need all of these things even they are absurd just because someone famous has it. I do think different media sources represent different worlds, even peoples separate instagram accounts show a different side of fashion world because each person has their own take on fashion and ideas.

kim-kanye.jpg            840_kim_611275008.jpg

2F78020200000578-3364707-Beauty_brand_Thanks_to_her_10_2_million_Instagram_followers_Gigi-a-12_1450390540968.jpg             Night-Before-She-Wore-Corset-Like-Dress-Balmain-Afterparty.jpg





One thought on “Fashion in Media

  1. I agree that we all resort to the media for ideas and the way we dress is greatly influenced by those celebrity icons and their social media accounts. I can also admit that I scroll through social media every day looking into what other people are wearing so I can find some inspiration to then develop something “trendy” to wear.

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