Fashion in Media

Considering the role of media today in “our” world of fashion, there are many influences on how fashion is made and what we consider to be relevant and current. From DeBord’s work the spectacle of “having” is as present as it ever was in our western culture. Everything we are exposed to through media, with advertising and promoting, is always centered around physically possessing an object or status that elevates someone’s importance to society. With this spectacle, visual consumption is the driving force. We look for visual keys on other people to quickly determine their status and relevance. People use social media as a resource and platform to display their “relevance”. To show what they have. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid and many style bloggers/ vloggers are able to “sell” what they have on these platforms to make profit and raise their influence on what people think they need. “If you buy this and wear that, you will achieve the same desired status or image that I have already achieved.”

This relates back to the world of fashion, because it drives the consumer mind set of buy, buy and buy some more. “We” look to these accounts and images to give us a “simple” way to move up. Buy this and you will be considered beautiful, skinny, desirable, etc. Buy this and the rest of “our” culture will accept you. This consumer culture creates a world of imaginary acceptation. “We” all warp our feelings and actions to better accommodate this virtual reality. We strive to have everything so we can prove to others that we are eligible to be accepted and welcomed.



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