Zeitgeist Map

This class activity of the Zeitgeist Map really got my thoughts flowing and inspirations sparked. It is very obvious that in, “our time, the Kardashians have affected our world of fashion, whether we like it or not. I think that can also be supported through majority of the classes posts include pictures of them. But, for my post I think we have heard enough about the Kardashian’s for one blog. Although I will add that their family is a master at marketing their family brand. What really stood out to myself, and made me cringe, was the idea that in our generations time we really do not have a Madonna or Chanel of the era to look up to. All of these celebrities we look up to are very different, and in my opinion are not true fashion leaders, especially when compared to past generations fashion leaders.This got me thinking…where is our future of fashion going? What will fashion be like in the years to come without a a true fashion icon to look up to? Aside from the fact that I do not see an extraordinary fashion leader, or rhyme and reason to the way our fashion industry and consumers work. I do believe certain celebrities are able to market their own style and in this way can be considered innovators of our time. For instance, Kanye West’s new line Yeezy. Although Kanye is not the most liked after his outburst at the VMAS, in my opinion, theres no denying he isn’t afraid to say whats on his mind and what he supports and it still sells. Kanye’s Yeezy line has been a huge success in my eyes and I know friends of my own living in NYC who live off of fashion that adore his line. Also, after he made his Yeezy sneaker Taylor Swift was seen wearing them, despite their lack of understanding for one another. Over the summer I worked at a shoe store and we were selling a knock off Yeezy look alike sneaker and it flew off the shelves. Although I am not the biggest fan of “our times” fashion innovators and leaders, theres no denying their success.


Above is Yeezy sneaker


Above is Yeezy menswear yeezy22

Above the famous couple; Kanye and Kim


-Kelley McSparren-






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